Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


16. Paps

Liam's P.O.V.

Everyone had fallen asleep but me. I couldn't sleep, not now. I looked over at Camila who looked peaceful as always. I wish i could just lay down and wrap my arms around her  and hold her close. Stop it Liam! I thought to myself. I decide to go on twitter for a while.


Hey guys, cant sleep. So i thought i would do a follow spree. Tweet me with #followmeliam and ill do my best to follow everyone. 

As soon as i hit send i got a a bunch of tweets saying 

"Liam follow me #followmeliam"

"Liam ily please follow me #followmeliam"

"You make me smile #followmeliam"
"MARRY ME #followmeliam"

I tried to follow everyone but that would be way too many people, so i followed the majority of the people. "Why cant I fall asleep?" I ask myself out loud. "Liam?" Camilla says groggily. "Yeah Camila?" i say softly. "Did you say something?" She asks. "No, i didn't say anything. Want a glass of water?" I asked her. "Yes please." She nods, I get up and walk to the kitchen. When I walk back she is asleep again, i chuckle softly and drink the water myself. I lay down once again and stare at the ceiling. I wake up when the alarm on the phone goes off, I guess I was able to fall asleep. "Hey sleepy head." Camila says with a smile. I immediately smile "Hey Camila." I said sitting up. "We still going to get lunch or something today?" Camila ask hopefully. "Yeah we can." I smile at her "Yay!" She squeals. We all get up and eat breakfast then the girls go home. 


Lauren's P.O.V.

"Guys i'm going out for lunch today with Liam," Camilla says and Ally squeals causing all of us to laugh. "So, i need something to wear. Wanna help me out?" She asks.  "Of course!" We all say enthusiastically. Everyone runs up to Camilla's room and open her closet. "Jesus Camilla, how much clothes do you have?" Dinah asks "A lot." Camilla says "That's why i need your help." She adds. "Okay, we can help." Ally says. After a while we find a cute pink dress that goes above Camilla's knees on her. "Make-up time!" Normani says "And hair!" I say. We run into her bathroom and sit her down in front of the mirror. Camilla gets out her make-up, hair brush, curling iron, flat iron, hair spray, and other hair products. "Have fun girls." She says as Dinah starts to look through and i start to think of what i'm going to do with her hair. "But not too much make-up, okay?" Camilla says "Yeah, sure." Dinah says. Dinah finishes with the make-up "Oh Camilla! You look beautiful!" She exclaims. I decided to leaver her hair down and just pull one strand back and clip it up "Use my bow clip!" Camilla says before i can clip it. "Okay, okay. I got it." I said using the bow clip. "Beautiful!" We all exclaim. "Thanks girls." She said standing up and smoothing out her dress. "Oh and babe," I said before she left "Don't let the paps get to you or mess with you okay?" "I wont." she said as she hugged me. Liam showed up and they walked out to his car. After Camilla left my phone buzzed because of a twitter notification. 

"Omg Liam is out with a girl! @Real_Liam_Payne"

"Who is Liam with? @Real_Liam_Payne" 

"Isn't that his ex? @Real_Liam_Payne"

"Who is that girl with Liam?"
"So many tweets already guys." I said to Ally, Dinah, and Normani. "Don't worry, Liam will take care of her." Ally says reassuring me a little. 

Liam's P.O.V.

We walked into my car and i asked "So where should we go?" ''Anywhere is fine really." She said smiling. "There's a new Nandos around her, just opened a few days ago. Wanna go?" "Sure that would be great!" Camilla said excitedly. "Great" I said as I started to drive to the new Nandos. We pulled up to Nandos and parked the car. I got out then walked to the passengers side and opened the door for Camilla. Suddenly i heard the sound of cameras. "Damn paps" i thought. "Sorry about the paps," I apologized to her and i took her hand to help her out of the car. "Its fine." She responded with a smile. As soon as she got out of the car we were swarmed with paps. "Take my hand." I said holding out my hand, i could tell she was a little uncomfortable. She took my hand willingly and squeezed it slightly and walked very closely to me. "Liam! Liam!" "Liam over here!" "Who are you with Liam?" "Miss! Over here miss!" "Miss whats your name" They were all yelling at once. I looked over at her and gave her a reassuring look, Once we got into Nandos i asked for a table in the back away from all the people. We were seated and Camilla let out a big sigh "Sorry about that." I chuckled slightly. "You get that everywhere you go?" She asked "How do you deal with it?!" She added. "It takes some getting used to, not saying I like it. But its expected now, its weird if paps dont show up." I explain 


Camilla's P.O.V.

"Well lets order." Liam said. "Yeah" I said with a smile. We ordered and our food came out shortly after. We ate and made small talk and caught up on each others lives. 

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