Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


6. One for Two

------------------------STILL 2 years earlier-----------------

Allys POV

after meeting Camila ,and she shows me the way to school, i think that maybe there's a reason me and Sofia " had a falling out" no.. i cant say it like that, a fight me and Sofia had a fight. now we don't talk. i suddenly  hear " and they say shes in the class a team stuck in her daydreams been this way since 18 but lately...."  ( A/N its a good song)  its my ringtone and one of my fav. songs but wait that's Sofia's ringtone so i answer and here  " Ally, this works out great lets go to basketball practice oh and i saw you hanging out with that Camila girl don't do it again you have a reputation to keep as my BFF"  she really thinks everything will be OK  that i will just go back to her? nope. she has crossed to one many lines " Sofia, no i quit basketball,( "what?" she tries to interrupt  , i'm going to try to do the later show try outs ( " only nerds..") SHUT IT SOFIA ,  the play is not for nerds and if i recall you wanted to do it last year, ( " well that was then" she mumbles ) oh and Camila is nicer then you will ever be ( " take that back you little") and  don't worry about your reputation or mine because i'm not your BFF  or even your friend anymore ( "but ally" she pleads) goodbye ( "wait")" i hang up and start the long walk home.

in about a minute i here "....  its to cold outside for angels to fly to fly to fly for angels to fly" (A/N part of the same song) "ironic" i think thinking of the cold weather and whose calling  and pick it up. " how dare you hang up on me Ally!" she says sounding mad " your mad? your mad? really? if anyone has the right to be mad its me Sofia your so lucky that there's a later try out and im not doing basketball and so you cant take my name off the list i will talk to the director myself! Bye Sofia," i hang up. i decided because of the long walk to turn on my iPod and put in my headphones the song " A-Team" plays first " ironic, second time in the last five minutes"I think and  smile at the thought.

I'm almost home when i see a girl siting down on the ground with her face in her hands when i get closer i see its Lauren, and shes crying. " hey, whats wrong , are you OK " I say softly, with no trace of voice I used moments ago. she looks up and sees its me. first she looks a little scared but but then sees Sofia's not around and looks more normal.    " yeah just my older brother locked me out of the house , I cant get a hold of my parents, hes is baby siting me for the weekend, I've been out here for hours and but that's not your problem  its mine" i sit down next to her and say " hey why didn't you tell Camila? when you were talking to her earlier  i say gently " "i thought it was a joke at the time, but it wasn't and i cant get a hold of her now" she says as she starts crying  " hey its OK Lauren, how about this why don't you stay at my house for the weekend and maybe if we can get a hold of Camila we can have a slumber party tonight" " OK but Sofia wont be there right?" she says softly, shyly " no, we had a fight" " oh sorry i didn't know" "don't be sorry, its fine, lets go get warmed up" " OK  she smiles wiping away her remaining tears as the snow starts to fall.

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