Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


15. Memories

{Hey its both Anya and Madi we decided to share this chapter or at least the beginning of it. So ya, enjoy the maddness that is our minds. MWAHAHA}

Normani's P.O.V.

We decided to ignore the thought that was occupying all of our minds, whether we should try out for X-factor or not, and do something else. "Hey guys I have an idea!" Ally spoke up with a devious smile on her face. "Uh oh." I thought to myself. "Two words. Prank calls" she said


Liam's P.O.V.

We were sitting in my room when all of a sudden my phone started to ring. "Camila!" was my first thought. I practically jumped up and threw myself across the room to get to my phone. "Woah is there a fire or something?!" Louis asked jokingly "MY PHONE!" I said before picking it up "Hello?" I said a little out of breath. I put it on speaker and waited for the response. There was no response there was just a recorded message of some sort.


Louis' P.O.V.

Nobody answered Liam, instead i heard something that sounded like Nightvale from the other end. I couldn't believe someone else listened to Welcome to Nightvale besides me! "Oi who is this and what are we listening to?" Niall spoke up. We heard an outburst of stifled laughter from the other end."It sounds like the end of the podcast 'Welcome to Nightvale episode 9!!!" Louis said. the recording then stops and a girl on the end half screams  " YOU LIKE NIGHTVALE TOO?"  "No dogs allowed in the dog park" I say. She replies "All Hail the Glow Cloud" the others in the room look at me confused at what where talking about . "You're my new best friend." The girl laughed "Camila," she continued "Who are we talking too?" "Camila?"  Liam said  "Hey Liam, and Ally where talking to One Direction" Camila replied the girl, Ally, was quiet  a moment then hesitates not sure if Camila was kidding "Funny Camila..."  "Shes not kidding," Harry says. 


Ally's P.O.V.

"Funny Camila" I said when Camila told me i was talking to One Direction. "She's not kidding." said someone from the other side of the conversation. "Harry?!" Lauren mouthed with an expression that looked half like she was shocked and half like she was going to explode. Camila simply nodded her head with a huge smile on her face. "Im Harry." Harry said "Zayn." i heard someone in the background say. "Niall." i heard someone who sounded a bit farther away. "Hey im Liam" I heard someone say. "Oh my god! I am talking to 1D!" I thought to myself. "Well boys we best be going." Normani said "Wait," Niall said "What if we all like" he started to say "Like have a sleepover?" Harry asked. "YES!" Normani, Lauren , and Dinah screamed. I saw Camilla mouthing "No" and shaking her head. "Um can we call you back?" I asked. "Sure." Harry said and then i hung up. "Guys, i dont know if i can do this." Camila said very soft spoken and looking like she was going to cry. 


Liam's P.O.V.

"Guys!" i said after the call ended. "What?" asked Harry with a small smirk on his face. "Why did you invite them over?" I asked. "Because you wanna see Camila again and i wanna see all of them. They seem cool." He told me. "But i-i" I started to say "Dont you wanna see her again?" Louis questioned me. "Yeah but i, not like this and i" i just couldnt find a way to explain it." "Im sure you will be fine mate. Okay?" Zayn said reassuringly. I simply nodded. "If she comes then we will be here for you. Right boys?" he said "yeah" all the boys said in unison. "And if she doesnt come then you have no problem." He continued. "yeah okay" i said not wanting to put up fight. 


Camila's P.O.V.

The  girls talked me into going over to the boys house and to sleep over. We all gathered our things and got into Ally's car. I gave her directions to Liam's house. We drove over there and then got out of the car with our things. Ally knocked on the door "I cant believe we are at Liam Payne's house! And we are going to sleep here!" Ally whispered excitedly "Me either" i whispered so no one could hear. Some memories came back to me. Harry answered the door "Hello ladies" he said with a smile. We walked in and were greeted by the rest of the boys. "You made it! Yay! Now who is Ally?" Louis asked "Me!" Ally said raising her hand. "My Nightvale buddy! yay!!" He said hugging her.  We all sat up in Liam's room being loud and crazy. Karen walked in "Hey could you please keep it down? Or go in the basement or something?" she asked politely "I'm sorry Karen." i said feeling the need to apologize even thought i was the quietest. "Oh Camila! Oh how ive missed you! Its so great to see you!" She said with a smile. "Mom" Liam groaned "Ive missed you too Karen." i said getting up to give her a hug. "Ill try to keep them under control, sorry about that." I said "Oh why thank you dear. You guys have fun now." She said, and with that she walked out. "I'll be right back." i said walking out of the room "Karen" i whispered. She turned around "Yeah love?" "D-did Liam ever talk to you about me you know when he was on Xfactor or when he got back?" i asked nervous about the answer. "Oh all the time sweetie." She said smiling. "Thanks ill be going now." i said "Goodnight" we both said as i walked back towards Liam's room. I got distracted by something and ended up just walking around his house (the top level) and looking at things and letting memories flood back. "Memories?" Someone asked making me jump a little, i turned around to see Zayn. I let out a small sigh "Yeah, just so unreal that im back here. I dunno why." I explain. "Yeah, c'mon lets go back" Zayn said. We walked past Liam's room "Where are we going?" "Oh they moved into the living room." he said walking downstairs with me right behind him. "Hey guys cmon we are going to watch a movie." Lauren said as we walked in. I sat down with my girls but i was also next to Liam "Hey Liam." i whispered. "Hey Camila. We havent really had time to catch up wanna meet somewhere tomorrow?" He asked "What about some restaurant tomorrow?" I suggested. "Sure lets text later?" "Yeah." i said turning my attention back to the tv. 


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