Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


11. Its You

~Present day~ 

Camila's P.O.V.

"C'mon guys!" i yelled running down the sidewalk. "Where are we going?" asked Dinah "And why are we running?" Normani half complained and half asked. "One Direction is coming here! To our hometown!" i said excitedly. "I thought they weren't going to be here until later." said Ally "Yeah but we have to be first so we can find the perfect spot and be in front." i yelled behind me. "Why are we going anyway?" asked Dinah who stopped running and started to walk "Because," said Lauren who stopped running as well  "Camila's ex is going to be there, hes in One Direction." "Ohhhh." they all said nodding their heads and finally understanding why i wanted to be there so badly. "Is that why she's so excited and happy?" asked Normani  "Yes that's why i'm happy," i said making Normani flinch a little, i don't think she thought i was listening or could hear them, "I haven't seen him in 2 years." "Unless you count stalking him and his bandmates on the computer." Lauren joked.  "Haha very funny," i said "I just miss him so much. I still love him and i hope he feels the same way." "I'm sure he will Mila," said Lauren. "What you guys had was special." she caught up to me and gave me a reassuring hug. We got up to the place where One Direction would be. The gates and everything were all set up but they were the first ones there, just as i had hoped. We walked around trying to find the perfect spot to stand. Once we found a good spot I sat down and waited. Everyone seemed to be bored and i felt kinda sorry for dragging them out here so early, i hope they aren't mad. Lauren started to sing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

We'll do it all everything on our own

we don't need anything or any one

Then Ally joined in and sang with Lauren:

If i lay here If i just lay here

would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Then Normani joined in with Ally and Lauren:

I don't quite know how to say  how i feel those three words 

are said too much  they're not enough

Then Dinah joined them:

If i lay here  if i just lay here would you lie with me 

and just forget the world

They continued to sing and Lauren stared at me the whole time with her pleading eyes:

All that i am

All that i ever was show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that i am 

All that i ever was 

is here in your perfect eyes

they're all i can see

Then i finally joined in :

I don't know where confused about how as well

just know that these things will never change for us at all

then they all stopped singing but i kept singing:

If i lay here 

if i just lay here 

would you lie with me 

and just forget the world?

"Oh my gosh Camila that was great!" everyone except Lauren said. Lauren just sat there smiling at me. "Lauren why are you smiling?" asked Dinah "Because ever since you-know-who (her ex) left she hasn't sang. I didn't think she would ever sing again....especially that song." Lauren explained "Whats so special about Chasing Cars?" asked Normani "Because you-know-who used to sing it to her all the time. It was like their song." Lauren explained. I just sat there and nodded in agreement. "Ohh." they all said finally understanding. "Hey Camila how come you've never mentioned you-know-who until recently?" asked Normani "Oh i dunno i guess i kinda wanted to take my mind off of him. Because every time i would think about him i would cry. I guess i didn't want you guys to see me cry, " i said "I guess i wanted to stay strong, for his sake." They all nodded in agreement and understanding again. My eyes were kinda starting to water. Lauren sat closer to me and put her arm around me trying to comfort me. "I"m sorry. We all are. We didn't want to make you cry Camila." said Normani. "No its not that. Well it kinda is," i said "I just...i... i guess i thought that once he came back everything would go back to normal and we could see each other again. But now it has hit me that everything has changed and he's famous now." i chocked out. "He probably forgot all about me anyways." i said "Don's say that Mila," said Lauren "What was the last thing he said to you?" "Laurenn...." i whined "No don't laurenn me. What was the last thing he said to you Camila?" she said again "Well he tucked a strand of my hair behind ear...and he...he kissed my he always would...." i chocked out "Yes, but what did he say Mila?" Lauren asked a little sweeter noticing i was on the verge of crying. "He had said 'I don't EVER want to forget you. You were the best girlfriend i ever had. Don't forget me, please.' and then the very last thing he ever said to me was 'I will come back for you Camila. Once the show is over i WILL come back for you.' i said and then i lost it. I completely burst out crying and sobbing like a baby.  Lauren started to sooth me and everyone scooted closer and tried to comfort me. "I-i-im s-sorry guys," i blubbered "I p-promised myself i wouldn't do th-this t-to y-you g-g-guys." "Its fine Camila, just remember if you ever need a shoulder to cry on we will be here for you." said Ally. After a few minutes i calmed myself and i wiped the tears from my eyes. "Thanks guys. I'm fine now." We just sat talking and being stupid girls until people started to show up. Soon enough there were many loud screaming girls, fans to be exact. After a few minutes a limo pulled up and the door opened and out came Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik ; One Direction. The girls all screamed even louder. The boys were walking around to all the fans and singing things but my eyes were locked on that one special someone. He was signing something then he looked our way and leaned over and whispered something to Zayn. Zayn smiled really big and gave him a playful shove. He abandoned the rest of the boys and came all the way up to where we were standing. "Camila!" he said with a big smile "Liam." i said smiling equally as big as him. He engulfed me in a big hug. "I cant believe you came!" he said "I cant believe you remembered me!" i said "How could i ever forget you, Mila? Remember the last thing i said to you?" "I dont ever want to forget you and i will come back for you." we both said smiling. The boys were catching up to him meaning he would have to get moving again soon. He hugged me one more time and whispered in my ear. "Text me." he whispered while he put a slip of paper in my back pocket. The he kissed my cheek. He saw Lauren and said, "Hey Lauren." "Hey Liam." she said back. Liam waved goodbye and continued to say hi to the fans. After the boys finished signing things and saying hi to fans everyone started to leave.  We hung back until everyone was gone and then we walked back to my house.


Liams POV 

We were driving back to Wolverhampton to see all the fans and sign things. Now don't get me wrong, i was excited but i was looking forward to seeing one person who i wasn't sure if she was going to show up or not. This girl was Camila Cabello. I was really quiet in the during the ride and then i got a text from Zayn.

Z- Hey mate. you okay??

L- yea i just dont know if Camila is gonna be there. I hope she is. I really miss her

Z- im sure she'll be there mate. from how you described her and your relationship you guys had she seems like the girl who would come back for you. 

L- yea thanks mate.

Z- no problem mate you seem like you really love her

L- i do and i really miss her

Z- yea im sure she'll be there

L- but what if she doesnt like me anymore what if she has a new bf? im still madly in love with her

Z- you said she was in tears when you left. im sure she still loves you and if not im sure you can win her over. 

L- thanks mate

I had told the others about Camila but i think Zayn understood the most. Also, Zayn is really supportive and caring so i've decided to tell him everything in detail. We finally got to the place where all the fans where. The driver came and opened the door and we emerged. We waved and Harry said, "Wow Liam Wolverhampton fans are REALLY loud." the other boys, including myself, laughed. We walked around to fans but i was just looking for Camila. I said hi to a few fans and some of the people i knew. I also signed a few things for the fans. I was looking around and then i saw her. There she as was giggling with her friends. Her lips were moving so perfectly as she talked. I leaned over to Zayn and said, "That's her," i pointed to Camila "Over there." "Wow you made a good choice mate. She's gorgeous." Zayn said starring in her direction. "Well what are you waiting for," Zayn said and by now all the boys looked over and knew what was going on "Go get her." and all the boys , motioned for me to go over to her. So i walked over to her and said ,"Camila!" with a big smile on my face "Liam." she said returning the smile. She looked really happy. I engulfed her in a big huge hug. "I cant believe you came!" i said to her. I couldnt help but notice Lauren in the background. Lauren was always so supportive and caring, kinda like Zayn. "I cant believe you remembered me." She replied "How could i ever forget you, MIila? Remember the last thing i said to you?" "I dont ever want to forget you and i will come back for you." we said at the same time smiling. The boys were catching up to me meaning i would have to move on soon. I hugged her once more and whispered in her ear, "Text me." as i slipped my number into her back pocket. I kissed her cheek and stopped hugging her. I said hi to Lauren and she said hi back and then i continued on to the rest of the fans. Shortly after we got through all the fans we turned around and then waved. Then we got in the limo and drove away.


A/N hey how you doin? So i know i/we haven't posted a chapter in a while and i know this chapter is extremely long. SO hopefully this makes up for it. I hope you guys have had an awesome Valentine's Day. If, like me, you dont celebrate Valentine's day you celebrate Forever Alone day then i hope your Forever Alone day was very alone. LOL im weird. Anyway i hope you enjoy the chapter! FLOVE YA! <3 


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