Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


3. Good Bye

Camila's POV

------------------------------------ 2 and a half years earlier -----------------------------------------


"Camila," yelled my boyfriend. "Camila come here I want to tell you something."  "Okay what do you want to tell me?" He made me sit down next to him and he held both my hands and stared into my chocolate brown eyes. "So you know how I love to sing right?" "Yeah." i said. He looked like something was really bothering him. "And you know how i wanted to audition for X-Factor?" i nodded. " I got in." "Oh babe that's wonderful!" i exclaimed. "Yeah it is but," he started with his puppy eyes "Its in Manchester and i wont have many breaks." "So i wont be able to visit or see you that often." "Oh." i said sadly looking down at his hands. He lifted my head with his hand and kissed me passionately. This was probably gonna be our last kiss so i wanted to make it good. We kissed for a long time but it felt way to short. We stopped then he looked into my eyes and he said "Im gonna miss you Camila." i was holding back the tears but when he said my name i just lost it and started crying. He lay my head on his shoulder and he started rubbing my back. "Camila look at me." he said. "I dont EVER want to forget you. You were the best girlfriend i ever had. Dont forget me, please." "I wont forget you i promise." He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and kissed me on the nose,he always did that. Then he said "I will come back for you Camila. Once the show is over i WILL come back for you." He walked out of my house and then he turned around and blew me one last kiss and then kept walking. 


A/N So what do my little leprechauns think??? Hehe im gonna call you guys my leprechauns from now on! So comment what you think! 

~ Anya

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