Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


5. Finally some good news

------------------------------------------- still two years earlier----------------------------------------


Camila's POV

I was really upset about "losing" my boyfriend but i was happy for him at the same time. My emotions were all over the place, so i decided to go down to the pond near my house ( i always do that when i'm sad/feeling mixed up, or if I just need to get away from everything). I was walking to the lake when I decided to freshen because i probably looked terrible,from crying. The nearest bathroom was my school, which was open late due to after school activities. So i walked into the bathroom and saw another girl in there. "Oh hi." i said to the girl. "hey." she replied flatly. "Can i please use the sink?" i asked not making eye contact. "Oh yeah sure." she said. I used the sink to freshen up. "So whats up?' said the girl. "Oh well nothing really, i guess." i said. I dont even know this girls name, i thought. She seems familiar though, i think ive seen her around school before but i dont know who with. I think it SOFIA! Yea she was always with Sofia. I dont really like her she's like one of those stuck up snobs. "Hey so why arent you with Sofia??" "Oh we kinda had a falling out." she replied. She seemed both happy but kinda sad at the same time. "Well my boyfriend just left, well not left but hes going to be on x-factor so... you know." "Oh sorry.' she replied with sympathy. "No its" my voice started to crack and i lost it and just burst out into tears. The girl hugged me and tried to get me to stop crying. After a while i stoped. "well i was heading down to my secret place," i said "wanna come with me? Its where i go when i need a break from life." "Yeah sure," she said with a bug smile "Cool!". We headed to the pond. When i was younger i found this secret hidden place down by the pond. As we were walking i asked her "So whats your name?" she laughed "Oh yea i guess i never told you that." "Well my name is Ally, Ally Brooke. Whats yours??" "Camila, Camila Cabello." "OMG you are Camila Cabello!" "Yea whats the big deal?" " Ive heard so much about you from Lauren!" "Oh really what has she told you about me?" "She told me you are amazing and awesome at singing." We had just reached my secret place when Ally said that Lauren mentioned i was a good singer. "She told you what?!?!" "She told me you are an amazing singer and really talented on guitar too." "Of course she did," i said laughing "She always,for some weird reason, loved to brag about me to others." Ally laughed at that. "So can i hear you sing??" "Aww do i have to?" "Please!" "But Lauren is already bugging me about being the lead in the play or singing the solo in the chorus concert." "Fine," she said "But i WILL hear you sing SOLO some time!" i laughed at that. *buzz buzz* i felt my phone vibrate. Lauren!

Lauren: Hey Cami wazz up?

Me: Nm im hanging with Ally. 

Lauren: Oh yeah i met her she seems cool!

Me: yea! and i heard u told her i sing and play guitar?!?!

Lauren: Yeah sorry but youre really good! 

Me: thanks but i don't think i am, and you know i have stage fright!

Lauren: i know but you really need to get over it! please for me! 

Me: Fine ill try for u! 

Lauren: yay! well gtg! bi Cams! xx

Me: Bi Lauren! xxx

"Sorry that was Lauren!" i said apologizing to Ally. "Nah its fine!" "So can i have yo number can i have it?!?!" after i said that i burst out laughing, it was an joke ,bewteen Lauren and i, from camp. "Yeah give me phone and ill add myself!" "KK here!" said handing Ally my phone. She added her contact. Her contact info was

Name: Ally Brooke

NickNname: Ally bear xx (a/n this is what i will use when Ally is texting someone)

Phone Number: her number ( a/n i dont have her number and if i did i wouldnt give it out)

Email: her email (a/n again i dont know it) 

Twitter: @AllyBrooke

Instagram: @allybrookeofficial

I added my self in her phone too. My contact info looked like this

Name: Camila Cabello

Nickname: Camila Is Boss

Phone numer: my number (a/n idk it)

Email: my email (a/n idk it) 

Twitter: @CamilaCabello97

Instagram: camila_cabello

After that i helped Ally make her way back to the school so she knew how to get home. Then I walked home. After i got home i went into my room and turned on the TV. I saw a commercial for X-factor saying that the season would be starting soon. I immediately turned the TV off. I couldn't bear to think about my boyfriend without crying. I got changed,into my pj's and sat on my bed and went on my computer for a little while. I got off the computer and brushed my teeth. Then i put my hair up in a messy bun and went to sleep. 





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