Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


9. Admiting the Truth

Allys Pov

I drove back to my house since I was the only one able to drive. im not going to lie it was not my ideas to go to Camila's at 2am, weve been calling her at lest once an hour since like 5'oclock and she awnsers now? my thoughts are inutreuped I hear a horn honk from the only car on the small road at this time of morning a pink Punch Buggy. Im now fully awake  it takes me around 5 seconds to relize whose car that is. Sofia's. " to fly to fly to fly" my phone rings with her ring tone, I get a text from her " pull over Ally, Now" and i hear another loud honk. Camila looks fully awake now and Lauren looks a little worryed " is everything all right Ally?" " i dont know" i reply another honk now its Camilas turn to be worryed " Ally whats going on?" " i think i know, but lets hope thats not what i think it is" now they both  look scared " to fly to fly to fly" we hear and they almost jump out of there seats. "Now" was all it said, i sigh and pull over with the Pink Buggy a heart beat behind us. I open the drivers side door of my sky blue catalic. Lauren and Camila warily open the back door on the drivers side and step out unsure of whats going on. "Ally" says Sofia shraply Lauren and Camila share scared glances from behind my back. the three of us stood in kinda a trinaglular shape with me at the point. " Ally, Ally,Ally tsk tsk what are you doing up this late at night?" " I could say the same for you Sofia" another look between the girls behind me not of fear, of shock. no one stands up to Sofia we are constderd the main popular girls ( some say snobby popular girls) yet i have a soal and she doesnt yet we were still friends. she glares at me " one day.. wait not even one day without me with these to girls bad infunces the are having you stay up untill two am being there driver " " one day with out me and i can say the same about you, plus one im not there driver, two you made me be yours when i got my linces a month before yours, now enough with the opening remarks what do you want and why are you here?" 

before she speacks two girls pop out of the bushes behind her. " dont trust her" they said at the same time while Sofia glared at them, the two girls who look familer, but i cant say i know them by name, off the top of my head anyway. one of the two speacks " what are you two trying to do? out here middle of the night!" " Morning" coughs Sofia I roll my eyes at her. the second one relizes who we are " Normani, you know Ally and Sofia right?" she adds nervesly " Dianh, why wouldnt I?" says Normani "   *cough* *cough*" " Oh gosh, sorry Sofia  sorry  Ally i didnt know it was you guys but what could you be possblely doing two these girls" Dianh shot her a worning look as she walked over twords me and she bumps into me on her way to see if Lauren and Camila were all right. Sofia Graps my arm and pulles me tword her i dont resist, it happpened to fast. now, me and camila stood side by side with her nails griping my arm and across from us stood,

Lauren,Camila, Dianh,and Normani. Sofia whisperd in my ear (A/N this sentce is inspired by a book i read a wille ago) " ill forgive you just play along."  she then snaps alound to Normani " How dare you toch her its like toching a queen say your sorry now, i said now"  Normani looks a little torn from fear and digntiy. I save her the chose because right then and there I walk over to Normai and put my hand on her arm in a no-threating, comferting way. she finches back but relizes i ment no harm kinda smiles, half in apolgy half in relif. i then speack " no Sofia its not happing, again i know your plan Goodbye" " dont you say goodbye to me missy" " Fine," i pull out my phone and send her two texts  " Good" said the first.  . i hear the ring tone i preset a few days ago on her phone (A/N this song is called girl on fire by alica keys i lisined to it for part of this part) 1st we hear " looks like a girl but shes a flame, so bright she can burn your eyes better look the other way, you can try but you can never forget her name shes on top the world hottest of the hottest girls,oooh we got our feet on the ground and were burnin it down ooohhgot our head in the clouds and were not coming down this girl is on fiirre ( fire, fire) this girl is on fiirre shes walking on fire ( fire fire) this girl is on fire"

she cuckles "Good what does that mean?" i send the next text"



" everyboady stares as she stares as she goes by, cause flame thats in her eyes watch her light up the night nobady knows thats shes a loney girl and its a lony world but she gonna let in burn baby burn baby this girl is on fire ( Fire,Fire)  this girl is on fiiiire   shes walking on fire ( Fire, Fire) this girl is on fiirre ooohhhhh ohhhh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh.... shes just a girl but shes on fire"   " bye," she states then adds  "hey,thats not your ring tone"  " changed it, ( A/Ni got that somewere i cant rember)"

I walk to the door of my car and say " well you coming" Lauren and Camila walk tword the car and hop in " you guys are welcome to join us" Dianh hops in the back seat with Lauren and Camila while Normoni takes the passngere seat.


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