It Was Just A Kiss

They've been friends for years. No one thought that them AND there friends would fall in love.


3. Doncaster


Finally, Doncaster. I can't wait to see the gir- 

" Chloe! OMG! What are you doing here?!" I jolted hugging her.

" Coming to pick you up of course!" Chloe sang as she almost got squeezed to death by yours truly. I couldn't believe she came! Wow! Now I don't need a rental car. Yay!


I'm coming to pick up Cora. My old friend from the middle ages. I wonder what trouble she's been in? Huh, " The World May Never Know." Let's just turn on the radio, and- OMG! One Direction!"Lets go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun!"Man I love them!

Ah, finally at the airport. Now if I can just find Cora we can lea- CHLOE!!!!!! Well, I found her. Geeze, she needs a chill pill. And to stop chasing me.

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