It Was Just A Kiss

They've been friends for years. No one thought that them AND there friends would fall in love.


1. The Trip


"Thanks a lot Blake!" I screamed to my ex-boyfriend.

 i was packing to go to Doncaster England. 

"You're very welcome!" Blake screeched.

 *SLAM!* Great, he's going out again.. Why the heck does he go to the bar every time I get mad? This time I'm gone for good. I'm not going to come crawling back begging for him. Again. He can go to the bar for a month for all I care! Thank God my friends, who I haven't seen in 3 years, let me move in with them. There names are Chloe, Issy, Bella, and Nikki. They have a pretty nice place.

I'm Cora Beaula (pernounced  Beula.) Medium long, chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, and not too tall. I'm 20. And very smart. Sherlock would be outsmarted by me.

"Geeze. I wonder if the girls changed at all." Cora murmured to herself       

Cora and the girls were in a band a few years earlier. The Lost Angels. Almost made it in the world. Til Chloe and Bella turned on Issy and Nikki. So I was left on my own.

         Oh no. Did he take my car? Crap. Haha I have his keys. Sucker. *VROOM* I'll just turn on the radio.. Ah! One Direction. eh. Not much of a fan

* The airport *

       Ah. finally at the airport. Thank God I bought my ticket on my phone. Let's see, what flight, oh yeah. Northwest.

*The Plane*

      Ok. The plane. Finally. I cant wait to get there! Wait, how will I get to there house?! Thank God for rental cars.

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