Help Me decide!!

First, this isn't going to be like the other fan docs where the boys see the girl and are like, "She is so beautiful, I wish she was mine." Ts not going to be a stupid, unrealistic plot, I'm going to make it as realistic as possible. Second, the title! Into the third chapter Im going to ask for your thoughts on a title! You will give me your thoughts and who evers title I pick will get an imagine by MOI. Okay, for the story part; Darcy was a 17-year-old teenager, what can you expect to happen when her mom calls her a bloody slutbag? Well, a lot of swearing and a disappeared girl. Read to find out more!


1. Babyyyyyyy

Darcy sat at the private diner with her family. She sighed, and stirred her soda around, causing bubbles to rise. Dee was on a trip to Florida with her mother, father and sister, to visit her grandparents and her uncle and his new other family. Her eyes rolled as her family talked about her sisters AMAZING, and SPECTACULAR grades. "Try telling that to Dee, she seems to think that rule is unfair." Darcy glanced up sharply, "Huh?" Her mothers gaze was rested on her, "Auntie Darlene tells her kids they have to have straight A's." Darcy grunted and went back to her soda bubbles. Her mother and aunt continued talking while her other relatives chattered on and on. Out of her Hispanic family Darcy was the odd-ball, with long blonde hair, unruly in any form, and green eyes, her only similarity being her easily tanned skin. No doubt she loved her family, but again, she was the youngest member on her mother and fathers side. Her phone rang and her boyfriend's, Logan, picture popped up, "Hey," Darcy whispered, "Now isn't the-." She was cut off by Logan, "Heeeyyyyy, babe, how're you doing babyyyyyyyy?" He asked, slurring the words. "You're drunk, and I'm busy, bye Lou." Darcy said hanging up.
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