The body guard

I was trained for 15 years to be a body guard but never did I imagine it was goin to be like this falling deeply for my client Harry styles ........


3. chapter 3

Harry was 5 or 10 feet away from me wich is to far he could get hurt I bet John would have already been beside him !

Out of the corner of my eye I could see some girls coming close to Harry he came to complete stop and was looking around he was trying to find a way out.

I finally caugth up to him and pulled on his shoulder

" Harry we need to go back home "

He gave me a cold emotionless stare "You dont tell me what to do"

"Well actually MR. Famous i do have the authority to and i will carry you back no matter if you are kicking and screaming" this was a lie i mean i could do it but it would be hard. I looked at his arm and could see his muscle forming.

"Your bluffing" He said sounding a bit taken back and shocked.I raised my eyebrows.

"Harry do you really want to find out" i asked and he shook his head.

"Lesly its Harry from one direction" A girl shouted while bouncing up and down. Then four more girls came running out of their houses hearing the screams of the other exited girls.

Then they all started to aproach us I took a hold of Harrys arm and we sprinted back to the Styles house.

With every step i could hear the girls get closer and i could sense how determined they were to meet him. I shot a glance at harry and I could see the worried expression on his face.

Finally the house came to view and i could see the flower beds and the busher wich were nicely cut. John had allways bragged how the Styles family was so festive.

I looked back to see that the girls were far behind us i slowed down to a walk and went inside pulling Harry in as if nothing had just happened.

"Harry you alrigth" I heard him mumble something as he pushed me aside walking off.

"Harry we need to talk" I saw as he threw his hands up in the air.

"Of what the fact that your a girl? Or the fact that i can knock you out by one tiny punch" i could see his face growing angrier by the second

I crossed my arms on my chest and Shook my head while a smile was starting to creep up my face.

"Do you have any idea who i am?!"

"Oh how could i ever forget you are a Gonzalez" he put qoutation marks around my last name sarcasticly "I have heard about your hamily i know John is beast but you i have doubts" Alrigth this little pop star was getting on my nerves.

"You really think you can beat me up"

"Yes i do"

"Well then I guess we have to settle this lets have a match Gonzalez against Styles what you say?"

"You are on" He smiled and held out his hand.

"You have no idea what you are getting into i could get into loads of trouble for baeting up a client"
Harry chuckled and walked away.

"I belive it when i see it babe "

Was Harry serious? My family has been taugth to figh for centuries he had no idea he was in for a rough awakeining tomorrow maybe this way he well show some respect.

And besides its been a while since ive had sme fun.

Guys im so sorry for noot uploding more chapters i forgot my password i wrote it on. A paper found it know will be updating daily. If i have more likes a and comments also sorry for the spelling this is on my ipad my mac was being a bitch :)

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