The body guard

I was trained for 15 years to be a body guard but never did I imagine it was goin to be like this falling deeply for my client Harry styles ........


1. Chapter 1

 Hello it's Jessica here I have Been trained for 15 years to be a body guard that's what my family does I personally have not gotten any job yet.

My family specializes in people from Politics such as presidents and kings and queens stuff like that but since the 20th century when famous people started to get killed and it all turned crazy my family also works with celebrities.

Ok well let's get to my point my brother John was injured while protecting  his client and he has nobody to fill in for him so this is we're I come in my parents thought I'm ready and that I should prove that I am a Gonzalez member.

 My parents always compare me to my brother saying how good he is and how I should act more like him it gets on my nerves a lot. I accepted the job to prove that I can also be like John. 

All I know about my client is that he is a world wide superstar to be honest I'm quite nervous and I need to find out who he or she is. 

"John please tell me I'm going to meet him tomorrow anyways I need to know so I can research them and know a bit about them please!" 

There I was begging my brother to tell me who my client was but he would not budge.

"All I can say is he's from one direction and his names starts whit a H! "

I stared at my brother in disbelief I ran up to my room and went on my iPad to make some research I found his age, favorite food ,  favorite song and other stuff. Like that but I was amazed to find that directioners as they call themselves knew penis size and even blood type!

This job is going to be really interesting I said to myself before going to bed and one my head hit the pillow I blacked out.  

Comment what you think my lil carrots :)
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