All you're ever gonna be is mean.

Elena Swift yeah the little sister from Taylor Swift as you know Taylor and Harry are Together but Elena likes Harry and Harry likes her but they dont know Taylor tells Elena secrets like that she uses Harry find out what happens next!!!!! ~ for Elena Styles or on movellas One_direction_five.


2. :2.

Elenas POV

I dont know but since the day Harry came in i had these butterflies in my stomach and Taylor had told me her plan she said she is going to date Harry for 3 weeks and when its over she is going to write a song like she always does but i wont let that happen I called Harry and asked if he can come over because taylor was a week to L.A. for a gig.


shit he is here okay relax and breath

`ITS OPEN`I screamed

he came in as hot as always.

After i told him he understood it like he knew it he looked me in the eyes and i did in his eyes we both leaned in and kissed it was like fireworks everywhere he felt it to after our make out session 

`Sorry` Harry said 

`Why are you sorry i like you verry much Harry!`





ello girlies or boys i cant upload as much as i want because my sister fucking anoys me everyday sorry so yeah i will try ly girlies and boyies

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