All you're ever gonna be is mean.

Elena Swift yeah the little sister from Taylor Swift as you know Taylor and Harry are Together but Elena likes Harry and Harry likes her but they dont know Taylor tells Elena secrets like that she uses Harry find out what happens next!!!!! ~ for Elena Styles or on movellas One_direction_five.


1. :1.

Elenas POV


*knock knock*

"WHO IS IT" I screamed from the couch

 "Harry i am here for taylor" the boy answered

I walk towards the door and open it and there stood this hot guy with green eyes he made me weak in the knees ughh 

 "Harry i am here for taylor" the boy answered 

''TAYLOR HARRY IS HERE FOR YOU!!!" I screamed while just walking to the kitchen getting some pepsi

Harrys POV


There i stood infront of Taylors house  I hear some girl asking who i am but i dont know this voice 

"Harry i am here for taylor" I answered

i heard footsteps suddenly there was this beautiful girl infront of me

''TAYLOR HARRY IS HERE FOR YOU!!!" she screamed and walked into some room and i heard Taylor coming down she was good looking but not as beautiful as the girl


"Who is she?" I asked Taylor 

"O just my sister her name is Elena" she said 

"How old is she?" I asked 

"She is 19" she said 

"Ok" Taylor was saying something i was just thinking of Elena I liked her i even imagined her and me kissing        

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