All Emily wanted was some food but no! she meats the biggest boy band in the world!



"Mom im hungry! im going to macd's" I shouted dwn the hallway. "okay! take the jeep text me if you go anywhere else!" I grabbed the keys and headed out the door. Okay heresa a bit about me: I was born in Ireland I lived theret til i was17 but we moved to the US right when I hit 17. so yeah! I drove the short while to Mcdonalds . I walked in and saw... NIALL THE MOFO HORAN!..... OMG! CALM DOWN! I thought myself. I walked up to the counterer and ordered my food. The womangave me my cup and I noticed omg he brought the rest of the boys... I walked up to the drink station just as Louis did. I could see he was strugggling. "Um, do you need some help?" I asked politely. He noddedd "Please?' I fumbled with the button a little bit then BOOM soda was everywhre! Me and Louis looked at each other then went into hysterics. Harryy ran over "What the hell Louis?!" then he realised I was there he cleared his throat "Oh um Hi im Harry" "Yeah I know, im Emily"
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