No One to Trust

Gabriella and Harry have known each other for a really long time. When Harry became famous, lots of things changed.


2. The Wakeup Call


Harry’s POV

      I know her dad wakes up early, at around 4am to go to work. Yes I have stalked her before. I knock on the door and her oldest brother, Garry answers with his deep husky voice.

“She’s still sleeping.”

“Can you get her for me?”

“You’ve got two legs. Go get some cold water and wake her up.” “You’re so mean. I’ll get her.” I walk inside to see her mom going crazy in the kitchen.

“You’re up early.”

“Yeah auditions are today. I’m here to get Gabs.”

“Oh right, well good luck on your audition. Go wake up your cheer leader.”

“Thank you. Wait do you need any help?”

“it’s fine, love. Thank you for the offer.” I go upstairs to her room. I grab a throw pillow and quietly move to her.

“Wake up!!” I say smacking her with the throw pillow.

“I’m up, I’m up! Jesus Christ…”

“Go get ready.” She removes the covers and throws on some pink Vans. (This is the outfit: “DONE!”

“You were dressed since last night?!”

“No. since thirty minutes ago. I only have about five hours of sleep.”

 “I see. Where are your glasses?”

“I’m wearing my contacts today.” I flash a smile, and hold her by the waist.

“Are you trying to impress me?”


“Well you did.”

“Thank you.” She kisses my cheek and runs off.



Gabriella’s POV

“GABRIEL WAKE UP OR IM NOT SAYING BYE TO YOU!” I yell into my second oldest brother’s room.

“You aren’t leaving yet!”

“Yes I am Anne is here.” Heavy footsteps come rushing from downstairs. My brother shirtless hugs me tight. I feel his muscles and hug him back. (my brother: )

“I love you squirty.”

“Love you too gordo.” I break the hug and hop on Harry’s back.

“To infinity, and beyond!”

“Ready?” I nod yes and Harry carries me to the car on his back. I give Anne a kiss on the cheek and sit on the back seat giving Gemma a hug. “Thank you for coming Gabriella.”

“ah don’t mention it. Anything for my best friend.” I lean on to Harry’s shoulder and he starts sniffing my lips.

“What are you doing strange child?!”

“How come your lips smell like either pineapple or coconut all the time?”

 “It’s called lip gloss.”

“I like it. It smells good.”

“Thank you.” Anne turns up the radio and they’re playing Beat It  by Michel Jackson. Harry starts singing along and I really realize that he has talent.



“Good Luck.” He smiles and quickly leans in and kisses me. Holding my arm tightly. For a minute, I’m lost in his kiss, after I realize what I’m doing, and Gemma’s obnoxious ‘oooohs’ and whistles got to my ears, I back away and smack Harry in the arm. Hard.

“What the hell you don’t kiss your best friend!”

“I’m sorry I had to.”

 “Why don’t you two just make out already?!”

“GEMMA! Harry and I are best friends. I don’t want to ruin that. Plus, you’re already dating my brother!!”

“How’d you know that?!”

“When I’m outside with Harry, you’re inside with Gabriel. You follow him around everywhere. It’s obvious.” Harry looks at me giving me a are you serious look.

“Why won’t you date me? The truth. I know you have feelings for me.” “You flirt a lot Harry and so do I. I don’t think that’s healthy in a relationship. You know how I am. I can’t keep a relationship for too long.”

“You can’t keep a relationship because the boys you date get jealous that your best friend is also a boy. In my case, I won’t because I’m your best friend… AND YOUR BOYFRIEND.”

“Harry, I can’t I do have feelings but this doesn’t seem right.” Tears start forming in the corners of my eyes.

“You’ll be mine one day you’ll see.” That makes me smile slightly. I wrap my arms around his torso and fall asleep.




Harry’s POV

I take a few pictures of her in her sleep and just kind of relax there. I’m really nervous. “Harry, are you okay son?”

“Yeah mum I’m fine. Just a little nervous.”

“No about Gabs.”

“She’ll be mine one day, don’t worry.” I stroke her hair a bit. She automatically starts singing Teenage dirt bag

( )

“Oh mum I love this song! Who’s doing the cover? I love it!”

“Um Gemma the radi-”

“That’s Gabs!” I interrupt. Gemma takes out her phone and records her.

“Oh my gosh Harry were you aware that she could sing?! And this well?”

 “Not at all I swear.” She sings about half of the song and wakes up.

“Gabriella Hernandez, why didn’t you tell me that you can sing?!”

 “I can’t.”

“Yes. you were singing in your sleep!!”

“Ugh you caught me.”

“Try out for the X-Factor, please?”

“Maybe next year.” About four hours later we arrive at the huge line of the auditions. They gave me my number and I stayed with Gaby and my mum and Gemma went to get us food.

“Do you think I’ll get through? Honestly.” “I think yes.” “Think my dad will come?” I intertwined my fingers into hers.

“I think so..”

“What makes you say that?”

“I see him from here.” She points at my dad looking for us. I wave my hands put he doesn’t see us.

“Get down.”

“What? I’m trying to make him see me, not ignore me.”

“Exactly.” She pokes my shoulders.

“Oh.” I get her on my shoulders and she waves one arm in the air, the other onto my hand.

“OVER HERE MR. STYLES!!” My dad immediately sees her and waves back. He makes his way to us and hugs us both.

“Well Gaby, talk about puberty done right. From cute to beautiful in a few short years.”

“Thank you Mr. Styles” Gabs holds on to my arm tightly.

“After all of this I’ll consider dating you.”


“Yea.” I lean in and kiss her softly.

“I said after this, not before this Harold.” I smile and slightly blush.

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