No One to Trust

Gabriella and Harry have known each other for a really long time. When Harry became famous, lots of things changed.


1. The Meeting


      "Harry!! Come meet the new neighbors!" "Coming mum!!" I was excited to meet the new neighbors. I heard they had a girl that was 10 years old like me. I rushed to the front door and looked around. I saw a girl struggling with a box, clearly trying to get everything over with. I was about to help her when an older boy, about my sister’s age, got the box from her. "I got it. Go play with the neighbor. Garry and I will help mom and dad out. I’ll make you’re room pretty. I promise." "Thanks Gabriel." I was in complete awe by her beauty. Long curly hair, dark brown eyes, squared glasses and she was taller than me. She smiled and I noticed she had braces. "Hey there! I’m Gabriella, but my family mostly calls me Gabs or Gaby." "I’m h-Harry. Harry Styles" I stuttered. She seemed so relaxed and that made me nervous. "Well nice to meet you Hazza." Hazza? I liked it. "Um I know this is a weird question to ask a girl, but, d-do you play football?" "American?" "British." Right there I noticed her accent. American. "Yup. I have a ball we can use. We can play out here." "Sure. Let’s go." Immediately I knew that we were going to be best friends.



      "Harry kick the damn ball already!!" she quickly covers her mouth. I don’t allow her to curse, which is a struggle for her because it comes naturally. She flashes her one million dollar smile and holds her hands behind her back. "Sorry Haz!!" She got her braces taken off when she was 12. She did her puberty perfectly. At a height of 5’7, pearly whites, perfect tan, bouncy curls, and a perfect body.

      Now both 16, I’m taller by three inches. I flash a smile and start chasing her. Her screaming is known by the whole block and school. Thanks to her brothers and I. Honestly, the only time she’s with a girl, is when she’s with my sister Gemma. When I finally get her, I bring her to the ground with me. “Gabs, we need to talk.” “What is it curly fry? Don’t tell me you found another girl.” She comes up with the most random nicknames for me that I’ll only respond if it’s her. “I’m going to the X-Factor this weekend.” “That’s great!! What song?” “Isn’t she lovely?” “Yes. Yes I am.” I nuzzle my nose against hers. I really don’t know if we like each other or not, all I know is we flirt a lot with each other. Even with complete strangers at the bakery where we work.

      “Can you come with me to Manchester for the audition? I’m going to need a cheer leader.” She chuckles and throws her arms around my neck. “Of course.” “Um, I know this is a random question but, can I kiss you?” ‘I don’t know can you?” I lean in and kiss her gently for a few seconds until she breaks the kiss.

      “We should do this more often love.” “Hey that was a one time thing.” “We can be friends with benefits?” “Harold!!” She throws some grass at my face and laughs. “Go get some sleep. I’ll be here at 6:00 am sharp.” “Hay tan temprano?” “Don’t use Spanish I can’t understand you!” “Haha why so early?” “It’s a long ride from here.” “Can we get some Mcdonald’s?” “I’m amused how you eat so much of that and you have a flat stomach.” “I don’t know. Ask my metabolism.” She kisses my nose, escapes my grip, and heads home. I’m just sitting there like a dummy watching her go inside. Mentally jumping from getting her to kiss me.

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