Kiss you

Lexy is just your normal a teenage girl who makes covers on Youtube and is obsessed with One Direction,mostly Niall. One day Lexy makes a cover on Youtube singing One Direction's "Little Things" and she tweets One Direction the link to the video and it happens to catch their eye. Read this story to find out about a romantic adventure including many details and draw dropping drama. Enjoy :)

(I'm still working on this)


12. The Airport and Plane Ride

Zayn's POV

          The airport was filled with girls of all ages,races,heights,weights, and even personalities screaming all of our names at the top of their lungs. The boys were used to this but Lexy not so much, she was in the middle of all of us to protect her from the fans because sometimes fans don't like if we have a new girl in our lives. People were taking photos of us everywhere the naked eye could see.  

        Paul guided us to the plane we were going to be riding on, it wasn't private but it would do for now. At least fans could see us and be calm while on the plane. I sat next to Liam, Louis and Harry sat together. Of course Lexy sat next to Niall. We all ordered Ramen noodles and some soda to enjoy while we sat on a plane for hours. Nobody really talked to each other we all were playing games on our phone,listening to music,taking pictures,eating, and sleeping. I slept and listened to music the whole time but Niall just kept eating,of course. I knew Harry liked Lexy and so did I. But that was Niall's girl and I can't have her as long as she was in Niall's arms. I needed to respect that and move on.

     *Hours later*

"Attention all passengers, we are now arriving to San Diego, California. I repeat we are now arriving to San Diego, California so please fasten your seat belts and sit down and relax. Thank you for flying SouthWest Airlines." I heard blowing out of the intercom so everyone, including the people who had fallen asleep could hear. Finally, I would be on land and I would be safe.  I looked over at my mates and saw that they were all awake and playing Bad Piggies on their Iphones. I looked over at Lexy who as cuddled up by Niall helping him beat level 7. They were so perfect for each other,but maybe I was perfect for her too, she is a fan of One Direction. We finally landed and collect our bags from the area they were at, when we walked outside there was a white long limo waiting to take us to our hotel.

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