Kiss you

Lexy is just your normal a teenage girl who makes covers on Youtube and is obsessed with One Direction,mostly Niall. One day Lexy makes a cover on Youtube singing One Direction's "Little Things" and she tweets One Direction the link to the video and it happens to catch their eye. Read this story to find out about a romantic adventure including many details and draw dropping drama. Enjoy :)

(I'm still working on this)


3. Starbucks

Lexy's POV

        That morning I woke up with a text from Niall "Niall <3: Hey. meet me at Starbucks at 12 and don't bring money it's on me. I hope to see your beautiful face this afternoon. ;). -Niall

         Okay, I needed to look good today no matter what. I was meeting my crush and my favorite band. I got up and took a nice,hot,relaxing shower. I shampooed twice and washed my body with my favorite body wash. I shaved and plucked my eyebrows too. When I got out I applied body lotion and Katy Perry's Purr perfume. I smelled so damn good, I was off to a great start already. I wore a shirt with the British flag and black skinny jeans. I added my One Direction bracelets and my paper plane necklace to match Harry's. I slipped on my black converse and put my diamond earrings in. I walked to my blue bathroom and got out my curling iron. When I finally finished curling my long locks of hair I applied my foundation and added my eye makeup. I almost forgot the lip gloss but luckily applied it before grabbing my purse. I grabbed the keys to my new Lexus and locked the door to my house. I dashed for my car and drove to Starbucks, arriving right on time. I walked in and saw 5 familiar faces. "Hey guys!" I said as Niall came and hugged me. "Lexy I think you know Harry,Louis,Zayn and Liam but guys this Lexy." They hugged me and Louis nudged Niall and whispered "Is this the one you were stalking yesterday?" I just blushed and Niall did too. "YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!" Louis screamed and we all laughed. "Hey I'll go get the coffee for us and maybe some treats" Niall said as he walked up to the counter. "So Lexy, can we have your number so we can all keep in touch?" They all asked at once handing me there phones. I nodded and entered my number into the five famous boys I never thought I would meet. 

Niall's POV

    Lexy was beautiful, her blue eyes,long brown hair,freckles,and dimples were perfect. I really hope the guys don't take this one from me. I could tell she was something special the minute we watched her cover. I just really liked her and I hope she likes me too. "Um sir, hello? Your order is ready" The Starbucks man said as he handed me the coffee and cookies. I walked over to the group and handed them each their own special order. I sat next to Lexy and Harry sat next to her. Louis,Liam, and Zayn sat on the other side of the table. We talked as we munched on our cookies and sipped on our drinks. "Hey Lexy, wanna come over after this and maybe spend the night? We have clothes for you to wear at the house." Liam asked as she nodded and smiled at me. She was just so beautiful

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