Kiss you

Lexy is just your normal a teenage girl who makes covers on Youtube and is obsessed with One Direction,mostly Niall. One day Lexy makes a cover on Youtube singing One Direction's "Little Things" and she tweets One Direction the link to the video and it happens to catch their eye. Read this story to find out about a romantic adventure including many details and draw dropping drama. Enjoy :)

(I'm still working on this)


1. Little Things

Lexy's POV

       "Hey Lex,can I come over today and make some Youtube videos with you? My mom's out of town and my little sister is at the park with her friends. I don't wanna spend my Friday alone so I called you. So can I come?" I heard my best friend Lola say as I answered my annoying Iphone. "Yeah, come over now, nobody's home and I wanna sing Little Things today. I'm really excited, I love the song so much. Hey wear anything you have One Direction related because I think we should make a video on how much we love them." I answered as I put on my Louis Tomlinson inspired outfit and slipped on some Toms. I applied some makeup and added a touch of mascara and eyeliner. Today was going to be great.

       Five minutes later there was a knock at the door. "Hello?" I said and look in the peep-hole to see who it was. "It's me Lex, you know you're best friend." I heard Lola reply as she giggled. "Aye, you never know. You could of been a rapist!" I giggled as we walked into my room. The red walls were hidden behind tons of One Direction posters. I missed the walls but at least I got to see Niall everyday. I moved my chocolate brown hair out of my face and went to Youtube to record my cover of Little Things. "Hey do you think if you tweet the boys the video they will watch it?" Lola asked as she looked into my dashing, baby blue eyes. "Damn girl, your eyes look like Asa Butterfield's eyes. You know the one who was in Hugo." I smiled when she said that "Hopefully the boys will watch it but I doubt it, they're so busy these days" I replied as my smile turned into a frown. I just shook it off and began to sing. 

Lola's POV

      I just stood in the back as my best friend let out her voice to the world. She was amazing, she stayed on the beat,wasn't pitchy, or anything. Her voice made her sound like an angel. I could listen to her all day, this girl had to become famous or at least become close.Suddenly the song ended and so did her video. My mouth just dropped when she hit the last note and ended the singing. "THAT WAS AMAZING LEXY LOU" I only called her Lexy Lou when I got excited. She just smiled and tweeted the video to One Direction's twitter. "Hey 1D, can you please check out my cover of "Little Things' I Love the song and it means a lot to me .xx :) ~Lexy" She typed as fast as a lightning bolt on her Macbook. 


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