Kiss you

Lexy is just your normal a teenage girl who makes covers on Youtube and is obsessed with One Direction,mostly Niall. One day Lexy makes a cover on Youtube singing One Direction's "Little Things" and she tweets One Direction the link to the video and it happens to catch their eye. Read this story to find out about a romantic adventure including many details and draw dropping drama. Enjoy :)

(I'm still working on this)


10. Another Surprise And A Dream

Niall's P.O.V

     I kissed her on the lips and whispered "I love you so much, I never want to let you go." She smiled and whispered 

           "But I love you more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.Yeah we have only been dating for a few months but I know you're the one." I carried her upstairs into my room so I could give her another present. We started to kiss harder and harder. I turned off the light and put the blankets over us.Then I took of my shirt and she followed,I think you know what happens after this. She was going to love this surprise.

                                          *1 HOUR LATER*

    "Babe,that was amazing." I whispered and she smiled. I knew she was a virgin and I knew it hurt but I guess I was gentle. 

         "I'm glad it was you who was my first time." She whispered back as I pulled her in closer and began to drift off. 

            I was walking around my flat when I saw Harry and Lexy making out. She threw a vase at me for no reason. He stole her for me, Harry Edward Styles was going to pay for this. I wanted to marry Lexy one day and he ruined it. I was done with him, he needed to be killed. I grabbed the biggest knife I could find.

      "NO, DON'T" I screamed and then noticed how it was only just a dream. Good, how could I kill my best mate and why in the hell would Lexy throw a vase at me? Whatever, it was only a dream. I got out of bed and made some french toast for everyone. It tasted delicious and I knew I needed to make more so the boys could have extras.


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