Kiss you

Lexy is just your normal a teenage girl who makes covers on Youtube and is obsessed with One Direction,mostly Niall. One day Lexy makes a cover on Youtube singing One Direction's "Little Things" and she tweets One Direction the link to the video and it happens to catch their eye. Read this story to find out about a romantic adventure including many details and draw dropping drama. Enjoy :)

(I'm still working on this)


5. A Walk To Remember.

Lexy's POV

     Me and Niall walked downstairs holding hands  to make some food for us when all the boys saw us and said "Awwwww" We just blushed and carried on with our new life together. "Babe, are we going out" Niall said as he wrapped his arms around me. "Do you want to go out?" I replied and then he kissed me on my lips and whispered "Does that answer your question?" I just smiled and started to make bacon. When I finally finished all the boys were sitting there waiting for the food. "Really guys?" I said as  I took a few strips of juicy bacon for myself. Before I knew it all the food was gone. "Hey Lex, wanna go for a walk today just me and you? You know Niall pretty well and I wanna get to know you better too." Harry asked with puppy dog face. I nodded and grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. 

Harry's POV

    Damn,Niall was lucky, Lexy was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my 18 years of existing. She was funny,nice, and she even liked video games. Wait, this is one of my best friend's girl I can't like her. But she's just so perfect. Maybe I just gotta keep it a secret........for now. I grabbed her hand as we walked but she didn't flinch. We sat at a bench and talked about our life and even spilled some secrets. I leanded in for a kiss, and we kissed. I felt horrible but I just needed to feel her lips on mine.I pulled away and put my fingers to my lips and whispered "shhhh" She just nodded and hugged me. This girl would be mine in no time. We walked back hand in hand but I knew she loved Niall,I could see it in her eyes,but maybe one day she'll look at me that way. I mean I am the one with the curls.

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