Let Me Kiss You

Hi. This is my first movella. I love One Direction. Hopefully I will be able to update twice a week. About the story: Hi. I'm Kylie Styles yes I am the 18 year old soon to be 19 year old twin sister of the one and only Harry Styles. Right now I am on the Take Me Home tour my brother and his band mates Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. The problem is Harry wont let me have a relationship with any of the boys. Will Kylie betray Harry and date one any way? Will she ruin the friendship between her and Harry?


2. Quick Author's Note

Hi! okay so I know my first chapter was short but it was a good way to start the story because it was sort of a flash back kinda thing to let the readers know what happened between Kylie and Liam. Just to let you know I love Liam but I thought he would be good to be the x- boyfriend for the story. I love my little Li Li! and I have nothing against blonde people, again, thought it would be good for the part. Toodles!!!!!!

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