Let Me Kiss You

Hi. This is my first movella. I love One Direction. Hopefully I will be able to update twice a week. About the story: Hi. I'm Kylie Styles yes I am the 18 year old soon to be 19 year old twin sister of the one and only Harry Styles. Right now I am on the Take Me Home tour my brother and his band mates Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. The problem is Harry wont let me have a relationship with any of the boys. Will Kylie betray Harry and date one any way? Will she ruin the friendship between her and Harry?


3. *One month later*

 Kylie's P.O.V.

" WAKE UP!!!!" A thick Irish accent screamed at me. "Uggghhh Niall! I wanna sleep!" I protested. " Hey don't sass me! We need to go to an interview and I thought you might wanna come!" Niall cheered happier than usual. " Whatever ill go. But can you get my brother please?" I batted my eyelashes. " HARROLD EDWARD STYLES! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE YOUR SISTER NEEDS HELP" Niall screamed. " Thanks Ni, now I have only one good ear." " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Harry ran in commando with a baseball bat. " Erm Harry" I pointed to his southern region. " Oh haha" Harry covered himself up. "Well boys im going to go get ready of you don't mind" I said as I hopped out of my tour bus bunk bed. Those things are so uncomfortable. I took a shower and curled my dirty blonde hair. I applied some foundation, natural colored blush, some light pink eye shadow, mascara, and a small amount of clear shimmery lip gloss. "Beautiful" Zayn said after I walked out of the bathroom. I blushed and kept walking in my brand new hot pink skinny jeans and white lace top. "ow" I heard Zayn whine when I looked over at Niall and saw him smack Zayn. "What was that for" Zayn sounded mad. " Get your paws off my future girlfriend" Niall whispered so that I couldn't hear. The bad thing was I did hear.

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