Let Me Kiss You

Hi. This is my first movella. I love One Direction. Hopefully I will be able to update twice a week. About the story: Hi. I'm Kylie Styles yes I am the 18 year old soon to be 19 year old twin sister of the one and only Harry Styles. Right now I am on the Take Me Home tour my brother and his band mates Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. The problem is Harry wont let me have a relationship with any of the boys. Will Kylie betray Harry and date one any way? Will she ruin the friendship between her and Harry?


6. Niall Tells Kylie

Niall's P.O.V.

       "Lets go boys!" Liam yelled to us. "Yay!" I shouted a little to loud. " What's got you so happy?" Harry questioned me. "Uh, just a little hungry" I said patting my stomach. "Okay...."  Harry said. Today was the day I was going to finally tell Harry about my feeling for his sister. Just when I hear her name it gives me butterflies. I sat the whole car ride with out saying a word. Right when we got home Louis pulled me aside and asked me " Niall are you okay?" "yea Lou, I just am a little nervous." " About what?" he asked. " Okay if I tell you this will you promise not to say anything?" I said quite nervously. "Promise" he smiled. "Okay well I thought Kylie was stunning since the day I saw her. I knew I had to take her and make her mine. So the day after I found out about Liam and Kylie's breakup I knew my chance was coming. So today I am going to ask Harry if I can take her out for some dinner." I said. " Niall everyone already knows you fancy her, we can tell." Louis said. " Oh I didn't know it was that obvious." I blushed to the ground. " Harry knows too but he denies it actually being true." "Oh, well do you think I should still ask her?" I said hopefully. " yea mate, Harry is not the boss of Kylie. He may be her big brother but not her father." " Thanks Lou you always know what to say." "Any time Nialler." I knew exactly what I was going to do the next time I see her, which should be in a couple minutes.   


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