Let Me Kiss You

Hi. This is my first movella. I love One Direction. Hopefully I will be able to update twice a week. About the story: Hi. I'm Kylie Styles yes I am the 18 year old soon to be 19 year old twin sister of the one and only Harry Styles. Right now I am on the Take Me Home tour my brother and his band mates Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. The problem is Harry wont let me have a relationship with any of the boys. Will Kylie betray Harry and date one any way? Will she ruin the friendship between her and Harry?


4. Interview

Niall's P.O.V.

We walked into the studio and sat down. All I could think about was what I said to Zayn, I really hope she didn't hear. I'm in love with Kylie but Harry set a rule that we cant date her because of what happened with Liam. Every one knows I have waited so long for princess to come, so long. Now she lives with me. And I cant have her. I would never hurt her, and Harry knows that. I was interrupted by my thoughts when the interviewer asked me a question " so Niall its just you left on the single boat yea? " Yea, hopefully not for long though,I found a girl, she is so special and I don't want to rush things, I will wait for my princess." I looked straight into Kylie's eyes and she blushed. I think she knows I'm in love with her now. "My final question is for Lou and I would like to know how is it like being engaged?" the reporter said. " well Eleanor and I have been going strong, and we love knowing one day she is going to be Eleanor Tomlinson one day."  yes the interview is finally over! I screamed in my head. I need to tell Kylie my feelings for her, now.

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