They Dont Know About Us

Liam and Sarah have been best friends for 10 years. They have been together all threw everything. After Liam auditions for the x factor the second time and gets put in a band with 4 other boys. The real adventure begins. The boys and Sarah became great friends and she now Lives at the house with the One Direction Boys but her and Louis have been hiding something for a long time. After recording there album the boys get offered to tour the USA leaving Sarah behind. 7 months later the boys are coming back home. What will finally happen when Liam finds out about her and Louis?


1. Chapter 1

Sarah's POV:

It was 2am thursday night and I was just getting home from a party at a local college campus with a few friends. I pulled into the driveway looking up at the huge house in front of me wondering when the rest of them would be home..Its been 7 months since anyone has been back- i pushed the thought to the back of my mind and pulled into the garage and went inside.

"home" I yelled knowing there would be no responce but hopeing for one. I shook my head and took my heals off, and went straight for my room. I had school tomorrow i pulled my computer out and finished typeing my 10 page paper. I FINALLY finished an hour and a half later..i looked at the time and it was 330 am..Great I thought..I have school in 5 hours.. I printed out my paper putting it, my computer and my books in my backpack.

 I went to the bathroom washed my face and put on an oversized Tshirt that was His. I looked in the mirror and shook my head putting on some shorts and putting my hair up in a messy bun and laying in bed. I picked my phone up and sent a simple text to him saying
"I love you...goodnight" after 20 minutes with no responce I texted the next boy.

"Hope your doing"

not even a minute later I got a text back from him saying

"Im good, hope you are too. I miss you and Love you xxx"

Liam. Liam would always be the one to text back not even a minute later..But thats no suprise us two have been friends for almost 10 years. I looked at the phone still no text from Louis.. I sighed and put my phone on the charger and fell right asleep




Authors Note: Hii Everyone :) This is my first fanfic for 1D :) I wrote the first 2 chapters already but idk if i should keep this one going? Any suggestions? :)



My alarm went off at 7am I moaned turning my alarm off and sitting up in bed. I checked my phone. 8 texts.

1 from Harry "I miss you." Simple- i loved him for that.

2 from Niall "I LOVVVVEEEEE YOOOOOOOU" and "ILLL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURSSSS" ---I laughed knowing he was shit-faced last night. ironic.

1 from Liam "Guess you went to sleep sweet dreams xxx"


2 from my friend Nick: "Get upp Lazy" "Its 659. Ill be there in an hour babe."

and last but not least one from my drunk friend i went to the party with last night-

"not going to school hung Peace" She was such a light weight. Nick and I were both at that party and we were both fine.

I sent my texts back to all of them. Pissed none were from louis, but whatever..he was busy, he had a life and a tour to do.. I got up did my hair- makeup and put my clothes on by that time my friend nick was already ringing the doorbell. i quick grabbed my backpack and got in his car and left for school.




It was 10am when i woke up i looked over at niall passed out next to me in my bunk on the tour bus. I remember him getting shit faced last night and it was my turn to watch him to make sure he didnt drink anymore last night. mission accomplished. I got out of my bunk tripping over zayn passed out on the floor and harry butt ass naked on the couch with louis on the other one. At least he was fully clothed. Last night was crazy but it had a right to be. We were finally going home after 7 months of touring in america. we finally get to be in a nice warm house in our own nice warm beds but above all it was the gratest feeling knowing she was still going to be there waiting for all of us. These past 7 months have been horrible. I still remember the day we had to tell her we were going on tour. Even tho she was happy for us. We could tell she was upset. Why wouldnt she be. She has been with me for 10 years- been friends with the rest of the boys since we started the band. She even lived at our house with us.

I grabbed the megaphone turned it on and yelled into it "GET UP! WE'R GOING HOME TODAY!" They all imedietley jumped up and started packing there bags- as much as we loved touring we all couldnt wait to get home.

"Has anyone called sarah yet to tell her we are coming home early?" Harry asked throwing his suit case down from the top bunk

"no" we all said at the same time, we all continued packing until niall brought it up again

"Should we just suprise her?"

"That sounds like fun" Zayn agreed

"Yeah..lets do it" Louis said.

We all agreed. its going to be a suprise


Louis POV:

All I could think of when I was packing was her...I know I haven’t been the best...Boyfriend...Friend...anything to her since i left...calls here and there, texts. But truth was I loved her. It killed me leaving her. I admit the boys had no idea we were "Together" or had even slept together. I’m almost positive if Liam found that out he would kill me. But one thing was for sure, I would do anything to make sure as soon as I got back she knew I still loved and cared about her.


Two hours later we were finally seated on the plane and ready for take-off. I was more than excited to get home. I was sitting next to Liam he had already fell asleep I laughed and put my head phones on and instantly fell asleep too..


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