It's Gotta Be You

Ever had the most popular guy in school fall in love with you? Well, this Gurkhas in your gonna experience it!


1. The Bump

The sun is beating down on my skin, I can feel a nice breeze brushing up against me. The crashing waves as the come and go. And, the noise of seagulls as they pass by.

I sit up and push my Brown Chanel sunglasses on the top of my head. I look down at my Black Blackberry, it's 2pm. I get up and put on my see-through cover up and slip on my light brown diamond rainbows. I walk over to one of the restaurants by the beach and walk in. I walk over to the bar and sit down. "What can I get you miss?" - "A Piña Colada please." The man nods his head and starts fixing my drink. I look around and see a really cute guy walk in. He was tan, had black hair that went upwards, and had one black earring on his right ear. I recognized who it was. It was Zayn. I turned back around to face the man who was still making my drink. I didn't want him to notice me. He walked over to where I was sitting and asked me, "Is this seat taken?" I look down and say, "No. It's not." - "Great." He says. He sits down next to me and smiles. "Hey Carly." I look up at him and give him a quick smile. "Here's your drink miss." The man says sliding the drink towards me. "Thank you." I say sipping my drink. "Hey Zayn." I say realizing that I hadn't replied back to him. "So, what are you doing here?" I look at him, "Um. Just trying to get a little bit of a tan. Would you excuse me, I have to go." I say grabbing my drink, and getting up to leave.

I walk out of the restaurant and walk back to my spot. I hear running behind me and turn around. It was Zayn. He was running after me. "Wait up!" He says finally catching up to me. "What." I say looking at the ocean. "Why did you leave so quickly.. I wanted to talk to you. I haven't seen you since High School let out." I look down. "Zayn, it's just weird that you want to talk to me. You never even acknowledged me in school... Why now?" He doesn't say anything. "Exactly." I say walking away. I walk back to my spot and lay back down. I put my sunglasses back on and close my eyes. I feel shade over me and say, "Whoever is standing over me, could you please move. I'm trying to get a tan over here." The person still doesn't move. I push the sunglasses onto my head and open my eyes. Zayn was standing over me. "Zayn. What is it?" - "Can we just start over? Please." - "Don't you have something to do. Like hang out with your friends or something." I say getting up and packing my things up. "Rude much?" - "I'm not being rude-" I say finally looking at him. "I just don't think that you want to spend time with me. Your the popular guy. Okay. I have very little friends in high school and you have a million people, drooling over you. They would flip out if you wanted to hang out with them. Goodbye Zayn." I start walking to my car.

What I don't know is that I left my phone. I finally get to my car and open my trunk. I put my beach bag and towel in the trunk and close it. I walk over to the drivers side and get in. I start the car and pull out of the parking lot. I turn onto the main street and drive home. 

10 minutes later:
I pull into the driveway and park the car. I turn off the engine and just sit there for a few minutes. "Why was I so rude to Zayn.. I really like him.. Now he probably thinks I'm just a jerk.."
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