Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


6. Suprise From Ellen

            After the photoshoot Simon told me I had an interveiw with Ellen everyone had a strange smile on their face ,but i didnt think anything of it.




        "So Nejla how does it feel to become one of the worlds biggest pop stars in only a matter of days after winning the xfactor. I scanned the audience and found Simon and smiled "It's a dream come true!"  She nodded then continued asking questions, I could tell she was about to dig deeper. "Do you have any specific relationships with the boy." I found Zayn was next to Simone ,but he had on a hat and some glasses. I winked at him then he winked back. I turned my attention back to Ellen "well i love them all. Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam are like my brothers. Justin is my best GUY friend." I told her, she leaned closer to me "Do we not like Zayn?" she asked "Um no I dont........I love him" I beamed into the camera, the audience cheered "Oh that great ,but any ways .........I have one more thing to ask you" I leaned back a little in my chair. "Shoot"


                       "Who are you best friends?" she asked giving me that same smile that everyone has been giving me all day. "Well my best friends are Sarha, Kayla, and Sierra, but i havent seen them in a while i had to leave them back home....... and I would give anything to see them again." She stood up and smiled "well i can make two of your wishes come true.... Come on out girls." I was in shock Sierra and Sahra came out on stage with the biggest grins ever.

                          I stood up and ran to where they were standing. This made the crowd cheer even louder.

 After the show was over i gave Ellen on more hug to say thankyou, then i found out that they would get to stay with me, and that they were gonna be my back-up dancers.

     I cant wait for the boy to meet them.

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