Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


20. Ring Ring


                                                            I walked outside to see the limo already waiting on me so I went ahead and hopped in and told the driver where to go , he nodded and began driving.

                                    My phone began ringing it was simon "hey simon" i said trying to keep my cool and not cry. "Hello love how are you?" I dont know why everybody labeled simone as a bad guy hes really nice. "Can you speal to allen carr for a moment hed like a word with you "he asked "Umm sure " i waited for him to pass the phone to allen.



                                                                    "Hello sweetheart" he said in his nasily voice "Hey allen how are you" i asked. "im good. how would like too come down for an interveiw with the boys and the rest of the girlfriends like eleanor and sammie"

"um i think ypur mistaken sammie and justin are broken up" the names sent chills down "oh well id also like to say there will be a girl named kayleigh and also austin mahone will be there"

    "ok great' i said im excited i love allen. "tell the boys to bring their dancing shoes.'' then the call ended. I hadnt realized i was already  at eleanors hous danielle was there too. they both hopped into the limo and hugged me tightly "so you guys wanna go out with our boy friends " eleanor asked "yeah sure sounds fun, hey do guys know this kayleigh chick " i asked "sure i have her number" danielle said pulling out her phone. we ended callling her and inviting her out to dinner with us.

                       Alost imeadietly after hanging up my phone rang again i handed danielle hers and picked mine up once again. Unknown number.

                           "hello?who is this" i asked. I could hear breathing on the other side "your gonna pay for what you did" my body tensed up unable to move "j-justi-tin" my voice cracked

                          "watch your back sweetie" was the lasthing he said before hanging up. I called zayn with shaky fingers while the girls searched my face for answers "whats wrong love?"

"Zayn its not over hes coming back for me ......zayn?' he never answered but a different voice did.

                                  "Im gonna kill him " then the line went dead.



                              (A/N i have  nothing against justin

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