Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


7. Pool Time Hero

                               Today Zayn had a full schedual so i probably wont see him today. Me and the girls were watching Alan Carr Chatty Man when my cell rang it was Harry. I answered then put it on speaker. "hello?'

    "Uh-n Yeah it nial" I heard Harrys fake irish accent. Sahra giggled "Harry you know i have caller id." There was silence on the other line then he spoke. " Oh i forgot about that......anyways we are all going down to the pool do you girls want to come?" I turned to the girls to get their approval to say yes and they just nodded obviously into the show, He was interveiwing Nikki Minaj, " We'll be there" i hung up the phone, and we started to get ready.

              It only took us about 20minutes to get ready then we were walking to the pool. We had finally gotten down stares we had spotter the boys. On my way over there i tripped over something then felt a sharp pain in my head. Before i knew i was sumrged in water, then everything went black.




                              I woke up to Liams lips on my my blowing air into me  while louis was shouting for me to breath. Harry was trying to keep sierra and sahra calm but i dont know where justin was, but i could see Niall talking franticly on the phone.

               I sat up still half concious then louis yelled "She's ok everyone" he smiled at me then i looked  at Liam and I broke down into tears "th-thank you" I sobbed pulling him in for a hug . He held me tight.

      Not being able to remember everything, it was all kind of fuzzy but It wasnt completely gone. "w-where's Zayn?" Niall came  and knelt down beside me "He's on his his way Justin went to get him". he explained to me.

      Liam picked me and carried me back up to my suite, then it was dark again.

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