Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


14. Atempted

                                             I woke up alone that morning and got hungry so I called the girls and told them to meet me in the lobby for breakfast, Niall was coming and sadly so was Justin. This should be fun. I have no idea what im gonna do, im actually kind of scared of him now. He was so forceful, I could see it all in his eyes. What happened to the Justin that I knew.

                          This was all I could think about while I got ready. I put on a pair of distressed jeans, a sweatshirt, and my pink converse then i just threw my hair up in a ponytail. I texted Zayn saying that i'd see him later then I slowly made my way downstairs to the lobby.

                 When I got downstairs I stopped in my tracks Justin was making out with Sierra, my best friend. I made my way over to them and pushed him back "How can you even live with yourself or even make out with my best friend after you-" he stood and glared at me his height towering over me "after I what?" he cocked his head to the side and smirked "Um n-nevermind th-that wasnt you" I lied. I glanced around everyone was staring at me except Sierra who was glaring, obviously angry i interupted her kiss. We all put on our shades and hats making our way out the door. There was a taxi waiting outside so we all jumped in and went to Mcdonalds. We all ordered our food and sat down, and of coarse i ended up In the middle of Niall and Justin. Just my luck.

                             They had finally called our tabels number, but as I started to stand Justin squeezed my knee forcing me back down. They called the number once more this time Niall got up. In his absences Justin began to slide his hand up and down my leg sending chills down my spine. In reflex I stomped on his foot,hard, making him cringe and i made a sarcastic laugh.

                           I knew i would probably pay for it later ,but I smiled to myself for the moment. Niall came back with our food and we all ate. After I finished I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

                            I went to the sink and splashed some cool water on my face. When I lifted my head again to look in the mirror I made a small shreik Justin was standing behind me with an evil grin. "What do you want" I asked walking back. He stalked me until I was up against the wall " I want you babe" he began to kiss my neck " st-stop you know that i love Zay-" He placed a finger over my lips signaling me to stop talking. I tried yo push him off but his body was to heavy

                           His lips pressed to mine, I could feel his tounge trying to make it's way into my mouth. He finally lifted off of me I rushed out of the bathroom keeping my head down. I ignored everyone calling me back to the table and headed for the table, I called a taxie and rushed back to the hotel. I ran up to my room and cried silently to myself.

                                                         I wish there was someone I could tell but Justin scares me so much. The guys were blowing up my phone but i ignorned it. There was a soft knock at my door I looked at it for a minute then i saw i white piece of paper slide under the door. I walked over to pick it up.

Dont forget our

little secret or elese babe.





                                    The noe sent chills down my back as i thought of what or else meant.




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