This city never sleeps

Meet Anna (18), Marie (19), Jessie (19), and their friends Mya (20) and Becca (20) who live in L.A and love one direction some less than most to be honest. When Jessie meets a sly young Zayn Malik she automatically turns him down. The hunt begins for him to keep a promise he made to her when they first met, but can the bands bad boy do it? Anna has her perfect Cinderella moment, well except it being a glass slipper it was her cell phone found by the charming Liam Payne, will paradise last forever? Marie has the biggest crush on curly haired green eyed londonite Harry styles but when he moves to fast will he be able to keep up with her? Mya and becca identical twin sisters and best friends to the end mya dating Louis and becca dating Niall when one night goes wrong will the relationships ever be the same?


2. Dance again

*they all finished shopping and they got home to change, now they're on their way to the club they got to the door there was a lot of people lined up loud music playing, they started at the end of the line*
Jessi: why are we even here?
Marie and Anna: so we can have fun?!?!
Marie: girl loosen up have fun tonight
Bouncer: you girls have a paper?
Jessi: *pulls out the paper zayn handed her earlier* uh yeah why?
Bouncer: they were waiting for you...Claude! *another bouncer comes out and they whispers and look at the girls for a couple seconds* Claude will show you where to go, have fun girls.
Marie and Anna: thanks *smiles*
Jessi: yeah, thanks *throws on a fake smile*
*they enter the club, it was dark and packed you couldn't even see your hands infront of your face, they all hung onto eachother Claude led them into a private area upstairs over looking the dance floor*
Marie: I wanna dance *dancing a bit*
Anna: me too *smiles*
Jessi: alright let's go!
*marie grabs Anna's hand and they go downstairs to the dancefloor while jessi follows*
*zayns pov*
This party was getting a bit boring I mean yeah it was a cool party and all but it seems like every party the boys and I have we get the same type of girls, the ones who push up on us trying to make a move only trying to get us to take em home, do doubt that the one night stands were amazing but I guess I was ready to settle down or maybe ready for a chase. And the girl I met today gave me that chase, originally I thought she'd give in and try to flirt but she really pushed me away. I knew she wasn't stupid but I don't think I'd stop trying if I saw her again but I just remembered her body the way her dark brown hair reached the small of her back her dark eyes with a hint of bitterness towards me I mean I know it seems stupid but I liked it, it wasn't something I was used to something I was ready to try out. *suddenly Niall snaps me back to reality*
Niall: you ok zayn? *shouting over the loud music*
Zayn: yeah..yeah I'm fine *shouting back*
Niall: Harry,Liam, and I want to go dance, you want to go with us? *asking*
*i nodded, I put down the drink I had in my hand and moved my way down to the dance floor, it was pretty dark but I could see some colors as the lights hit the people crowding the place, Niall,Harry,Liam, and I separated and I started to dance with a few girls then I saw the siloette of a girl in a red dress grinding with a guy who was clearly drunk and had his hands all over her she looked like she was struggling with him to stop until she stopped with him and walked away, I followed her and held her by her hips and dance with her following her every move she leaned her head back and I rested my lips by her neck I couldn't clearly see her face but the way her body moved it felt different, before the music stopped I let another intervene and I left and found some more girls to dance with*
*Jessi's pov*
The guy that I had been dancing with was amazing like he knew what I'd do next. I felt hands change, I knew there was someone else behind me, I knew because he didn't know what I'd do next I knew he wasn't like the guy before, I turned around, patted the guy on the chest, smiled and walked away, I went to the bar to get a drink, I ordered a skinny girl martini sat there and thought about who the guy I was dancing with might have been until I felt a heavy breath on my neck a quiet sutle British accent filling my head forming a bitter needing feeling in me that I hated but somewhere deep down loved. The voice spoke to me.
...: I've been watching you...
*i felt the smile in the voice, I didn't look back I sat still and replied to the voice*
Jessi: is that so? * I smiled a little*
....: have got to stop doing that...
Jessi: and what exactly am I doing? *smiles*
....: first the red dress you have on is driving me insane, then the body shaping it, and the woman in it what made it worse was the fact that I got to dance with you.
*i smiled realizing that this was the guy who knew how to dance even with me, I turned and realized it was him, zayn Malik, a part of me wanted to wipe that smirk off his face but then apart of me, the part the took in his sent, voice, the way he was dressed wanted to lead him on my smile went to a soft smirk*
Zayn: missed me? *he smirked*
Jessi: miss you? Not for a second but hey at least it's nice you payed for my drink *i smiled looked at the bartender told him it was on zayn took my drink and went back up to our VIP spot, seconds later here was zayn Malik the infamous bad boy*
Jessi: what do you want from me huh? Done playing with all the girls in here? Am I the last...
*he cut me off with a long kiss and then pulled away*
Jessi: wha..
Zayn: needed to shut you up *looking at me deep in the eyes*
Jessi: so you kissed me? *I stood Up* That's so typical of you. Can't stand a minute without touching a girl? God who do you think you are?
Zayn: *he stood up and got face to face with her keeping a gravity between them and whispered* hate me? Show me...
*Zayn's pov*
I knew she wanted me I felt it grow the more she yelled the more I knew tonight would be it I knew I had her right where I wanted her
Jessi: no *she stepped back* you know what's funny? I know you want me *she began to walk circles around me* but do you even know my name?
*honestly, I didn't, I didn't say a thing, I felt her stand behind me and whisper in my ear*
Jessi: good, and I'm sure you never will.
*and with that she was gone*
*Marie's pov*
I was dancing with some guys flirting a bit I kept an eye out for my girls I looked up at our VIP area and saw some guy sitting there kinda looked like zayn but I didn't think much of it at the time I was having too much fun being young, I felt the guy behind me move on and another dance behind was really feeling the music as well as I was he whispered in my ear*
...:I've been watching you...
*his accent swirling in my head like I was dreaming*
Marie: why did you wait so long then?
....: I wanted to watch you move then finally I needed to experience this beauty
Marie: *smiling almost blushing turning around and seeing its Harry styles, keeping it cool I kept dancing I could feel the chemistry building between us the more he touched me the more I drowned in ecstasy but I couldn't let my guard down not tonight, I was brought back to reality by his breathy whisper on my ear*
Harry: let me take you home...
Marie: *i bit my lower lip I didn't want to say no but I had to* I'm not that type of girl...
Harry: then you shouldn't tease...
Marie: *smiling* I didn't mean to...
Harry: is that what you want me to believe *he smirked*
*i nodded, I felt my phone buzzing, 'fuck!' I thought, i really didnt want this to end I took my phone out of my clutch I saw it was a text from jessi 'I want to leave' did she have to do this now? I texted back '20 mins' she replied 'ok'. *
Marie: I have to go *i sighed and started to pull away, he pulled me closer*
Harry: let me at least have your number
*he gave me his phone and I put my name and number in it he looked down at his phone and smiled*
Harry: Marie...nice to meet you Marie.
Marie: nice to meet you as well *he kissed my cheek he walked away then i walked away as well and up to the VIP area and found zayn alone looking confused he realized I was there and looked up*
Zayn: oh uhm I'm sorry I didn't know...*he began to get up*
Marie: no no sit what's goin on? *i sat beside him, it felt weirdly natural to talk to him*
Zayn: nothing there's this...* he looked up at me* hey you're that girl I met at the mall well I met your friend then you...
Marie: oh you mean jessi? Yeah I know she could be a pain to you, she kinda has this thing against *air quotes* players *she laughed and rubbed his back* it's ok love she'll come around if you work hard enough
Zayn: you think so? *a flash of hope shone in his eyes*
Marie: *she smiled* yep!
Zayn: well she didn't seem to hot to even be near me *he looked down*
Marie: keep trying hon but she wants to go so we have to leave now
Zayn: so soon? *he looked up*
Marie: did you both have a conversation?
Zayn: yeah she was a bit upset with me.
Marie: try ok?
Zayn: ok, thanks *smiles*
*i get up to go find Anna and jessi, I feel his hand grab my wrist*
Zayn: wait, when will I see her again?
Marie: well uhm *chuckles* we're goin to your concert tommorow...
Zayn: *smiles* can we take you guys to sound check and lunch?
Marie: I don't mind *smiles* here's our address *she gets a piece out of her clutch and a pen and writes down the address and hands him the paper*
Zayn: thank you so much we'll pick you up around 10:30am?
Marie: *smiles* we'll be up!
Zayn: *gets up* bye *smiles and hugs her*
Marie: *smiles and hugs back* bye
*harry's pov*
I got back to the bar and sat next to Louis who was already talking to some girl, I turned to the bartender and asked him for a drink. I turned around leaning my back against the counter and over looked the dance floor not looking for anything or anyone in particular the bartender tapped me in the shoulder I took my drink dropped a 20 and resumed my position I allowed my mind to drift away to when I met her, Marie, I smiled to myself thinking about her smile, the way her body moved in time with mine, the way I lusted more for her, I allowed myself to control what I was feeling but I knew this one couldn't get away, after my break up with Charlotte, the fame hunter, I created a wall, a wall that was crumbling even just spending two minutes with Marie, she wasn't like the other girls we'd always get at parties like this, I mean, she turned ME down, ME, I wanted to know more about her I knew that much. I took out my phone and texted her...'hey gorgeous' 'hey :)' 'when can I see you again?' 'I'm not sure yet :/' 'where are you?' 'In the car waiting for my sisters...' 'Can I see you tomorrow?' 'I think you will :)' 'alright gorgeous nite' 'nite :)'. I smiled and locked my phone I looked over at Louis who was now giving the girl his number, I watched as she smiled and walked away, he turned to me.
Louis: she's a beauty isn't she? *he smiled*
Harry: yeah *i nodded*
Louis: you ok mate? *he looked at me*
Harry: I'm a bit tired I'm gunna call it a night, I'll see you tomorrow Louis. *i patted his shoulder and walked out of the club, or tried to, I finally got to my car sat there for a while and drove to the hotel, I got my room took a shower and went to bed I really was tired*
*Liam's pov*
I was dancing with some girl she was a bit trashy, but oh well, we all need a frequent cheap thrill right? All of the sudden the place goes pitch black I moved on from this girl and felt for the body of another I could tell she had a body you could only dream for and her hair reached the middle of her back and what ever little light was on it reflected off her dress I could barely see what she looked like but from I could see she was beautiful. We danced her body in time with me her scent sweet in the air around her. I can't believe this was happening right now I lowered my head toward her neck, I heard let out a quiet sigh, I smiled on her neck satisfied she was enjoying this as I was, I placed my hands on her waist and moved more, suddenly she stopped I saw her pull out something, her phone I saw she read it and then she turned and whispered in my ear saying she had to go, 'damnit' I didn't want this to end she dropped something before she ran off, her phone, I picked it up and looked at it, i called after her but she was already lost in the crowd, it was unlocked I saw the text, 'we have to go- Marie' I looked in the contacts if there was an address and luckily there was I'll have to return it.
*anna's pov*
MAN I didn't want it to end thanks to Marie and jessi running it! I reached into my bag for my phone not there, I tried to find where I was before not there. Just my luck! I went out of the club and walked to the car and found jessi and Marie in the front and then some other figure in the back I opened the back door and got in I saw it was mya.
Anna: hey mya, jessi, Marie... *i threw on a fake smile*
All: hey *they smiled*
Anna: why are we leaving?
Marie: jessi had a hard night we're gunna go home and watch love actually and mya's coming along too.
Anna: oh ok...
Jessi: you ok Anna?
Anna: yeah, I kinda lost my phone though, but it's ok I'll call the phone company in the morning
Marie: oh uhm by the way, we have to get up early *she smiled*
Anna and jessi: why??? *confused*
Marie: we just have to ok? *she smiles*
Mya, Anna, jessi: ok?? *still confused*
* the girls get home they all change into their pjs and watch love actually on the couch when the movie was done they all went to bed (the house had 2 extra guest rooms and mya stayed in one)*
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