This city never sleeps

Meet Anna (18), Marie (19), Jessie (19), and their friends Mya (20) and Becca (20) who live in L.A and love one direction some less than most to be honest. When Jessie meets a sly young Zayn Malik she automatically turns him down. The hunt begins for him to keep a promise he made to her when they first met, but can the bands bad boy do it? Anna has her perfect Cinderella moment, well except it being a glass slipper it was her cell phone found by the charming Liam Payne, will paradise last forever? Marie has the biggest crush on curly haired green eyed londonite Harry styles but when he moves to fast will he be able to keep up with her? Mya and becca identical twin sisters and best friends to the end mya dating Louis and becca dating Niall when one night goes wrong will the relationships ever be the same?


1. Let's go

*Jessie's pov* I woke up and heard the tv on I thought I had gotten a phone call from one of my friends mya but I didn't I went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth I walked downstairs and got a glass of apple juice and a yogurt.
Jessi: morning *quiet scratchy voice*
Marie: morning, slept well? *looking over the couch at jess*
Jessi: kinda...hey what are we doing today?
Marie: idk I was gunna figure that out when Anna woke up
jessi: yeah, well I just wanna get out of the house you know?
Marie: yeah... *out of it*
Jessi: are you watching spongebob?
*she didn't hear here, jessi shakes her head and sits down in the arm chair across from the sofa, they both hear dragging footsteps coming down the stairs, they both look at eachother"
Both: morning Anna
Anna: *groan*
Both: *laugh*
Marie: do you wanna go shopping and get our hair done for the meet and greet tonight?
Anna: *groan*
Marie: yes? No?
Anna: *under breathe* yes
Marie: ok then, I'm gunna get ready I think you guys should too.
*marie and jessi gets up to change*
*everyone is done changing and they're getting ready to get in the car and head to the mall, they finally get to the mall 20 minutes later*
Marie: okay guys we have to look super cute for tomorrows meet and greet.
Jessi: you mean you have to look cute?
Marie: *small smile* kinda, anyway I'm headin to wet seal meet up right here in an hour?
Anna and jessi: okay
*they all go their separate ways*
*jessi at hollister*
H.employee: welcome to hollister can I help you with anything?
Jessi: hi no thank you
H.employee: welcome
*she walks around looking through a few shirts a guy walkes up next to her*
Jessi: *looks up at him* hey *he looked really familiar,looks back at the shirts*
...: names zayn *smiles lightly*
Jessi: *looks up and her smiles fades realizing who he is* zayn? As in one direction? *her words sounding bitter*
Zayn: *smiles proudly* yes that's me *laughs lightly*
Jessi: *moves around him* excuse me... *walks away from him*
Zayn: *follows behind her* not a fan huh?
Jessi: *turns to look him in the eye* never said that just not a fan of you.
Zayn: *smiles* is that so
Jessi: wouldn't lie about it *walks away*
Zayn: you don't even know me *grabbing her waist to turn her around*
Jessi: * looks down at his hand that's still on her hips, he removes his hand* I don't need to know a flirt who only plays with innocent girls hearts so if you don't mind I'm going to walk away now.
Zayn: *gets closer to her and whispers in her ear* at least meet me and my boys at a party tonight, if you have friends you can bring them to. *hands her a piece of paper*
Jessi: *takes the paper and steps back* and what makes you think that I would want to meet up with you?
Zayn: you can just go for a couple drinks with your girls *smiles and nods towards the hollister entrance to Anna and Marie staring at them*
Jessi: *turns around to see the girls* ill see, and don't look for me if I go.
Zayn: *smiles* alright *walks out of store and passes by Marie and anna* ladies
Marie and Anna: hi *giggles, and runs in towards jessi who was Rolling her eyes*
Marie: was that zayn Malik?*squealing*
Jessi: unfortunately
Anna: I still don't get why you don't like him *shaking her head*
Jessi: did you see how he just thinks he can pick up any girl and take them home? It's so player like ugh.
Marie: that really didn't make sense *tilting her head to one side*
Anna: I agree *nodding*
Jessi: well he invited us to a party at his place *hands them the paper he handed her*
Marie: do you know what this means? *almost screaming*
Jessi: no not really... Care to enlighten me? *smiles sarcastically*
Marie: Harry. Is. Gunna. Be. There *almost passes out*
Anna: it's gunna be a long night *she laughs*
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