Things Happen That Are Never Expected!

There is a 18 year old girl called Emma and she has a 12 year old sister called Phoebe that she loves lots, Emma gets dragged to a One Direction concert by Phoebe! If you want to find out more about this Movella you have to read to story ;) BTW IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED YET, THIS IS A NIALL HORAN FAN FIC!!!


2. Yes.....NO!

----------still Emma's POV------------


OMG I was visiting my mum, dad and my 12 year old sister Phoebe who is obsessed with this band called One Direction, there alright I guess but I have turned off them a bit since when ever I go to mum and dads to visit all I hear is the new Take Me Home album. Trust me it gets really annoying, so I go and turn it off but she just turns it on again.   So I went into her room to see all of the usal posters of one direction and reece mastin up on her wall, she even put them on the ceiling of her room becase there is no more room on her ceiling.


I walked in to her ‘singing’ to the song Live While Were Young in her hairbrush. She turned and screamed “Emma, what was that for”, “it gets annoying” I replied and walked out of the room. Then she turned it on and turned it right up so the whole city could hear!!! “TURN THAT OFF MISS PHOEBE” mum sreamed to phoebe  and she was like “IM NOT GOING TO TURN IT OFF I WILL JUST TURN IT DOWN” and she turned it down.


   Mum and dad were smiling like idiots. “Whats happened???”, by now I was starting to get excited. “well your mother and I bought something” dad said to me and then Phoebe ran down the hallway into the dining room where mum, dad and I were sitting and drinking out cups of tea. “WHAT IS IT TELL ME DAD PLEASE!” Phoebe litrlly begged on her hands and knees. “well we got some money from you grandmother when she passed and gathered some more money together to buy some tickets, tickets and two backstage passes to………………………………………………………….. THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!.


“AHHHHHHHH OMG OH MER GAWD AHH CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Phoebe screamed like crazy, “WAIT WHAT!” I said to my parents.   “well we would like you to go with Phoebe, and that’s not a question actually so you are going babe” mum said to me. “Ok ummm, Phoebe you have to teach me about them ok?!?!?!” I asked my exteremally excited sister. “OF COARSE I WILL, I LOVE ALL OF YOUS!!!!!!” she said still screaming.  "Are you serious!" i asked mum trying to make her hea  me over Phoebes loud screaming in her room. "SHUT THE HELL UP ROSEY!!!!" i asked her very politely.

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