Things Happen That Are Never Expected!

There is a 18 year old girl called Emma and she has a 12 year old sister called Phoebe that she loves lots, Emma gets dragged to a One Direction concert by Phoebe! If you want to find out more about this Movella you have to read to story ;) BTW IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED YET, THIS IS A NIALL HORAN FAN FIC!!!


1. Just a bit about Emma


 -----Emma's POV-----

Hey, my name is Emma if you didnt already know. Im not always happy anymore since i found my ex-boyfriend snogging another girls face off and that girl happend to be one of my closest friends, Amber. That was the worst day of my life, especially since he, Beou (pronounced Bow) was the nicest and sweetest boyfriend i had ever had! Anyway that was a two weeks ago so i shouldnt still be upset, should i?

Back to me now, im turning 19 in about one week and im excited because i get to see my 13 year old sister again who i havent seen in like six months because i live in a little flat with now my best friend, Tayla. 

I live in the South of Australia, see my mum, dad and little sister live closer to the city of Adelaide than i do. I live in a pretty small place called Murray Bridge, also my brother, Micheal who is 15 lives with the rest of the gang (thats what i call the family). 

on Saturdays when Tayla , Kassie, Ashlee and i all get together and go shopping or have a coffee or somthing like that and on Sunday Tayla and i just watch movies and relax. 

i have chocolate brown hair that goes half way down my back, the tips of my hair are bleach blonde. my skin is a tiny bit natural tanned and its very healthy since Tayla works at The Body Shop which has lots of different scented hand creams and other stuff like that.

im not one of those girls who wear loads and loads of make up that completely covers there face, i wear make up but not that much, i only put a very very light layer on my face.

Any way i think now you know more about me and a bit about my life!

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