my bully life

plz love dont hate my movella its my first one.i hope you guys love it.


3. someone new

jess's pov

when i saw the new girl get hurt i felt like i wanna slap him in the face.

"hi you new here right?"i asked to the new girl.

"ya and my name is emma and you are?"emma said.

"im jessica but you can call me jess."jess said.

we walked until she told me about the guy who called me a slut.

"ya im sorry about the guy his name is harry hes such a jerk."i said

"such a jerk."emma said.

emma's pov

when i was talking to jess i cant stop thinking about him do i have feelings for him i think so im gonna throw up.

"jess can i tell you something?"i asked her.

"sure anything for my best friend."jess said.

"okay dont tell no one i liked hunmj"i told jess.

"what?"jess said confused.

"i like harry there i said it"i told her.

"what that jerk did some thing to you and why?"jess said.

'idk asked my mind"i said almost panicking.

"he has a girlfriend the diva of the school."

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