my bully life

plz love dont hate my movella its my first one.i hope you guys love it.


2. first day of hell

emma's pov

"emma!its the first day of school!"i heard my dad said.

"okay im up!"i said.

i was in a hurry so i skiped breakfest just in cased.

~skip walk to school~

when i came to school there were alot of people.

then i heard this boy with curled hair and he yelled at me and said,

"yo slut you new here?"

"yes and dont call me a slut bitch!"i answered back.

o no not again now i have a another bully and a new hell school.

now i really wanna kill myself right now.

"hey im sorry about that hes popular."

i heard a girl said and i answered back,

"hi whats your name?"i asked

"my name is jessica but you can call me jess."


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