On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


31. You owe me

~Alys P.O.V~

We walked into the hotel in New York. It was beautiful. We walked up to our rooms and started unpacking so we wouldn't live out of our suitcases. The boys wanted to go out tonight. They had their first concert in 2 days. We all got dressed In our party clothes and went to this night club called 'Avenue'. Harry said he's been here before and it's pretty hype. Harry was right. I could barely move in that place. Harry was pressed against me and we were dancing with eachother. He leaned down and whispered into my ear.

"Dance dirty for me."

I could barely hear him, but I complied with his order. I turned and started grinding on him. He had his hands around my waist and we were grinding to the beat of the music. I had one hand on his cheek and the other on his around my waist. Some guy was staring at me the entire time me and Harry were dancing. I turned to face Harry and Harry cought a glimpse of the guy staring at me.

"Stay here." Harrys jaw clenched.

I tried watching, but my height made it very difficult. No matter how tall me heels were, i wouldn't be able to see. Harry disappeared into the crowd. I heard gasps and people were moving out of the way. I saw a fist rise and fall. I ran over to try and see what was happening. The guy was hitting Harry.

"STOP! STOP IT! YOU'RE HURTING HIM! CUT IT OUT!" I tried prying him off of Harry but he pushed me away and I fell. I ripped my heels off and got a running start. I jumped on his back and he let go of Harry. I wrapped my legs around him and started slapping him. He was trying to reach around for me. He was stumbling around and I jumped off his back before he fell and crushed me. I pulled my dress down. I probably just flashed everyone in the club. I kneeled down by Harrys side as the guy was carried out.

"Harry." I held his collar and started slapping him.

"Harry. Wake up, Don't make me spit on you."

He didn't budge. I pulled on a nearby girls arm and she looked at me.

"Can you get me some water?"

She smiled and nodded. She walked off and came back a few seconds later. I moved people away, not knowing how Harry was going to react when I threw water on him. I tossed it on his face and he shot up. He was looking around for me, our eyes made contact and he walked over to me.

"What happened?" He pulled me into a hug.

"Some guy was looking at me funny, and you saw him, you went over to talk to him and he kicked your ass. I tried to pry him off, he pushed me. I've lost my shoes. I jumped on his back and started hitting him. He fell over and you were unconscious on the floor, and here we are!" I laughed.

"You saved me!" He kissed me on the cheek.

"Feel free to bow down to me and praise me anytime." I laughed at him. 

"Where are the boys? Why didn't they help you?"

"I have no clue."

Harry grabbed my hand and we weaved our way through the clubs and into the bathrooms. I heard Hannahs voice yelling 'Liam!' yep. They were in there. I looked over a crowd of people and I saw Hailey and Zayn. Niall and Kelly came up behind me.

"Oh, Hi. We were just looking for everyone. But we found them." I was talking to Niall.

"Yeah, but where's Josh and Linda?" 

"I don't know." I looked around and I cought Linda's long, jet black hair.

"There." I pointed behind Niall and he grabbed Kellys hand and they went over to Josh and Linda.

After the night was over, Kelly and Niall were drunk. Hannah was a little tipsy. Hailey is underage so she couldn't drink. I had one drink and Harry said he had a slight buzz. Hailey called us a cab and we all got in. We got back to the hotel and everyone went there seperate ways. Harry had his arm around me and I was basically carrying him. He had more than a buzz. I still had no shoes on. Those were my favourite pair of heels. When we got back in the room Harry just kinda fell on the floor. I took his shoes off and his blazer. I had a really hard time taking his pants off but I did it. I grabbed some of his joggers and slid them on his body. Now, I had to figure out how to get him on the bed. I slung one of his arms around me shoulder and lifted up. He was so heavy. He had like 90 pounds on me. I heaved and gave up. He fell back to the ground with a loud thud. I grabbed my phone and called Liam. He sounded like he was sleeping, He probably was.

"Liam, I need a favour."

He was over in like 30 seconds. He picked Harry up with ease and laid him on the bed. 


"No problem." And he walked out the door. I was so tired, Harry owed me for that. I slid my dress off and my bra. I grabbed one of Harrys t-shirts and slid it over my head. I didn't bother putting pants on. I turned the lights off and slid into bed next to Harry. I hate trying to go to sleep after Harrys asleep. Beause he snores like a roaring bear. It's so loud. After a hour I fell asleep.

I woke up to Harry complaining.

"Shut up." I said.

"Babe, where's the aspirin?" I guess it was time for me to get up. I rolled out of bed and rummiged through my purse finding a small bottle of aspirin. I threw it at him and it hit him on the forehead. I laughed and walked over to him.

"I'm sorry, come here." He bent down and I kissed his forehead where the bottle hit him.

"It's fine babe." He kissed me on the lips.

"Why are you up so early?"

He gulped down the pills with some water and started:

"We have a meet and greet today."

"Ugh, so what am I supposed to do all day? Hang out with the girls and run errands for you guys?" I was being serious. That's all they ever have us do.\


"Then what are we going to do?"

"Sit with us." He smiled at me.

"Are you for real?" I was excited.

"Of course." He smiled and kissed me again.

We got in the shower and washed up. My feet were terrible from last night. They were legit, black. When I got out of the shower, I felt clean and refreshed. I got dressed. The meet and greet is inside today so I can wear jeans and be comfortable. I slid on my skinny jeans and a white and navy blue striped shirt. I grabbed my white Vans and headed into the bathroom to do my hair. I straitened it and put a little white bow in it, holding my bangs out of my face. I grabbed my purse and sat on the bed, waiting for Harry. He came out, looking better than ever. He was so gorgeous. He grabbed my hand and we met up with everyone else downstairs. We all piled into the limo and off we were. We got there and there was fans everywhere. They were yelling and screaming at us. Harry and the other boys stopped and got pictures with some of the fans. We just stood there awkwardly and were talking to eachother. The boys started walking in the building so we followed. We took our seats next to the boys and the fans came inside. Mostly all of them asked for pictures so the boys were up and down. Us girls were just talking amungst eachother and a fan in front of us cleared her throat, gaining our attention.

"Can we help you?" Hannah asked.

"I wanted Alys signature." She said.

"Oh, ughm, I don't give out my signature. Sorry love."

She said 'okay' and walked away.

"Why didn't you give her your signature?" Hannah asked.

"Liam didn't tell you? Never give out signatures or take pictures with fans. Because people will think you're just dating the boys for publicity."

"Oh." Hannah said.

We continued talking and when the last of the fans left, I was so relieved. We walked over to the boys and they looked super tired.

"Looks like it's going to be a early night, yeah?" Hailey laughed.

"Yeah." Niall said.

We all got back into the limo and headed back to the hotel. When Harry and I got into the room we both changed. I sat on the bed next to Harry and he put his hand on my leg.

"For goodluck?" He kissed my neck.

"For goodluck." I said as he rolled on top of me. Well you know what happened after that.

Harry collapsed on top of me. We were both breathing heavily and I could feel his heartbeat against my chest. 

"I'm going to take a shower. You coming?" I winked at him.

"Yes." He smiled and followed me.

We got in the shower and washed up. Harry got out before me and handed me a towel. I dried up and walked out of the bathroom. Harry was slipping on joggers. He laid in the bed and stared at me.

"Like the view?" I laughed and he vigorously shook his head.

I threw on a tank top and shorts. I wrapped my hair up in the towel and laid next to him.

"You have no clue, how much you owe me right now." I said.

"Why?" He asked quizically.

"Last night, when you said you were 'buzzed'." I made air quotes. "You were really drunk. When we got in the room, you fell to the ground and you were knocked out. I changed you all by myself. I couldn't lift your fat ass up though." I poked his stomach. "I had Liam come over and do it for me."

"I'm not fat." He said sadly.

"I was joking babe." I kissed him.

"We should go to bed, I don't want to pass out at the concert tomorrow." 

I laughed at him and agreed. We went to bed. We had to be up at like 9 tomorrow. Not so happy about that.

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