On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


7. The perfect house

I pushed the door open and walked inside. The foyer was absolutely amazing. To my right their was the dining room and to the left of me there was the door to the garage. I walked further into the house and decided to go upstairs first. Their was two stair cases to get up stairs, they both met on the balcony over looing the foyer. I walked all the way down the hallway (it was kinda a hallway) and entered the first room. It was smaller, kind of like a storage room I guess. I walked into the next room and it was that master bedroom. It was huge. And I mean giganntic huge. I walked into the bathroom and it had one of those jacuzzi baths and there was also a shower. Yay no more waiting for Harry to take a shower. I walked into the next room and it was moderately sized. I instantly thought of a little girls room. This would be it. There was a conjoined bathroom between this room and the next room. Another little girl or boy I guess, But me and Harry would talk about that at a later date. I heard the car door slam and Harry walked in the house, closing the door behind him. I walked out of the room and looked at him, my eyes still in amazment.

"How do you like it?" He said grinning.

"Harry, it's beautiful. I'm at a loss for words I can-"

"Have you seen the rest of the house besides upstairs?"


"Well c'mon, you're in for a surprise." Harry said excitedly.

I walked down the stairs and into Harrys arms. We walked into the kitchen and all there was were stainless steel appliences. It was so beautful. The counter was made of granite and there was honey-smoked wood colored cabinets. I walked over the the slider doors and the backyard was so huge! There was even a pool. 

"We're going to have a lot of summer parties...right?" I asked anxiously.

"Haha, of course babe, anything you want."

I was the luckiest person in the world. I also had the best boyfriend in the world. We were headed on tour in 6 days. Maybe that was enough time to get moved in, I don't know, and I don't care. But I was just happy to be sharing a house with him. He dragged me through the kitchen and entered the living room. Man, it was huge! It had a fire place and a gigantic picture frame window. I couldn't wait to decorate the house.

"You've got to see the best part, love" Harry whispered in my ear.

We walked over to a slim door, we opened it and their was a staircase leading to down stairs. Harry walked down first, well because It was dark down there, and I'm scared of the dark. He flicked on the light and my jaw dropped. Their was vast open space for a second living room I guess. Their was also a bar. Yep, we were definately having some summer parties. But ugh FML. I can't drink until next year! I'm sure Harry will slip me some. Their was a long dark hallway opposite the stair case. I walked down it and their was a room. I ignored it cause It was just a room. And a bathroom, typical. But the last door was on the left side of the hallway. I walked in it and it was a home movie theatre. Whaaaaat.? A home movie theatre. I walked up to Harry and gave him the biggest hug ever. Then I looked up at him and pressed my lips to his. 

"So, I take it you like the house, yeah?"

"Uh, obviously!" I screached.

~Harrys P.O.V~

Aly loved the house. I was so happy. I can finally start a life with her. For the next 5 days we were gunna move in. We went back to the house to find that the boys had already started packing for us. Were they that happy to get us out of the house? Maybe they were tired of losing sleep. All we packed was our clothes and the stuff we bought. We left the bed because 1. I didn't feel like taking that shit apart. And 2. They needed it for the guests. When we got all our stuff out of the room it looked so bare. Even the closet. We managed to get everything into the car and the boys followed us back to help unpack. I put all my clothes in my closet and Aly was still putting hers in. I think she was having some trouble fitting all her clothes in the closet. I laughed at how she looked then she walked up to me. Done! She chirped.

~Alys P.O.V~

Fitting all my clothes into that closet was the hardest shit I've ever done. But we still needed furniture. A lot of it. I ran out to our car and grabbed a pen and a peice of paper and ran back in. Everyone was in the kitchen gathered around our island. I walked over to them and put down the paper and the pen.

"Alright boys, It's time to help momma Aly make a list of the furniture/things we need!"

"Bed!" Harry said instantly. I looked at him and winked the boys laughed.

"Well, you'll need chairs for right" here, Liam pointed and his side of the island, "And 2 dining table, chairs for that. 2 couches 2 autumons, 2 love seats, and 2 recliners..." This went on for about a hour, all the boys chiming in what we needed.

I looked at Harry and said:

"Well, we should go for the essentials today, If we're going to stay tonight" I looked at Harry.

"Yeah, boys, do what you're good at doing and go food shopping, fill our cubbards and we'll go look at furniture and stuff" Harry said grabbing my sides.

The boys, especially Niall were happy about this task they rushed out the house and quickly got started. Harry and I waited for a minute, still taking in the house and then he interrupted my thoughts.

"You ready babe?" He had his sunglasses and keys.

"Sure am" I smiled.

We arrived at the furniture store and it smelled like wood.. hah. We looked for about 4 hours the settled on the stuff we were getting. We got a bed, a dresser with one of thoses mirrors on it, a regular dresser and a tall one, shades for all our windows, a dining table, matching chairs, chairs for our island and that's pretty much it. we'll fill the house when we get back from touring America. We stopped by target to get a bed set.

~Harrys P.O.V~

We got our necessities and headed back home. Just as we got in the car (The furniture truck was following us) the boys called me to tell me they were there. They spent all that time shopping for food? I'm starting to feel nervous about putting them up for that job... We got home and I grabbed the bedset from the back seat of our car. I dropped it on the ground when I entered the house. It was fully furnished. Aly cam in behind me and a 'what the hell' escaped her mouth.

"BOYS!" I screamed

And they all popped out and said:


Our mouthed dropped. I couldn't believe them! That's why they took so long shopping for 'food'. But they said they managed to squeez that in too when they came back the first time. The said some of the neighbour girls recongnized them and asked if they needed any help. They said the didn't live here, that Harry did. And they cut him off "OHMYGAWD HARRY STYLES IS MOVING IN NEXT TO ME I DIDN'T THINK THAT MY LIFE COULD GET ANY BETTER SINCE RYAN BROKE UP WITH ME AND I'M TOTTS SINGLE!" They were confused. 

"Good for you" Lou said/asked.

They all went in the house and set up everything. Aly and I ran up tp the boys and hugged them. 

"I couldn't ask for better friends!" Aly screached.

"I couldn't ask for better mates! I want you guys to know, that you didn't have to do this and we truly love you guys." I said.

"Well it's getting late" Zayn said "And those mover guys have been standing there for like 10 minutes" Niall said "Oh, yeah, we forgot about them" Aly said standing up and telling them where to put the stuff. They asked if we wanted them to set up to. Aly looked at me and I nodded. I took her down stairs and we sat at the island. We talked and I bade macaroni and cheese for Aly since she said that's what she wanted. When I passes her the bowl she looked at me and said:

"Macaroni and cheese is the bees knees"

I died laughing. I had never heard anyone legitly use that term. 'Bees knees' . I sat on the floor I needed to catch my breath. It's moments like this where I find myself loving Aly more than ever. When I stood up she was looking at me confused.

"I have never heard anyone legitly say 'the bees knees'" I said chuckling

"Well, Harry, if you hadn't noticed, I'm 'different'" She said seriously

"Oh, babe, that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing! And I love you for that" I said reassuringly.

He kissed my neck and hugged me from behind me whispering sweet things into my ear.

Then the mover guys walked in the kitchen and said all was done and told us to have a nice night. 

~Alys P.O.V~

Harry made me the best macaroni and cheese ever. Not too cheesy and not too thick. He grabbed the bed set from the foyer and hauled it up the stairs. He threw it through the door of our bedroom and I gave him the what-the-hell-was-that-for look. He just laughed and told me to come help him. We each grabbed a side of the matress and hoisted it over the foot board of our bed and it landed with a loud *CLANK* Harry looked at me and rushed over to me and pulled me on the bed. He started kissing me passionately and putting his hand up my shirt. We were interrupted by the door bell. *DING-DONG* 

"FUCK" I yelled. Harry laughed and pulled me off the bed to go see who it was. He opened the door and it was like 5 teenage girls. What the fuck?

"DSKDJKKF OMG IT'S LIKE HARRY STYLES AND STUFF LIKE MAYBE HE WOULD BE MY BOYFRIEND IF HE WASN'T DATING THAT CHICK FKSHJDFKS" All of them were screaming stuff like that. That shit gets bitches hit, where I come from. I step in front of the door.

"Ughm, 'That chick'" I say making air quotes " Is right here, and I have a name, little girl. It's Aly. And I'm not going anywhere you can do yourself a favor and back off my man! thank you. Now we're going to have SEX!" I shouted and I heard gasps I pushed Harry out of the doorway and closed the door locking it.

We walked back up to the bedroom and out the sheets and shit on before doing anything. Harry put the sheets on inside out and that wsa going to irritate me and fixed it. I have O.C.D.

He pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. He started kissing me and making me moan. Then I heard a tree branch snap. I broke our kiss and looked out the window. Oh my god. People were sitting in the tree next to our bedroom window. 

"Jesus Christ" I said slipping from under Harry and before closing the window I yelled "Perverts" and got the drapes and put them up on the window and walked back over to Harry and we got it on.

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