On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


37. School

Aly's p.o.v

I haven't really been feeling good lately. Since I've been pregnant 2 times before I know it's morning sickness, I don't even have to take a test. Yeah, I'm super excited that I'm probably pregnant again, but my baby is going to grow up without a father figure. Just a single mum, doing everything on her own. Because I refuse to take anti-naseau pills, I'll just have to out up with the sickness and such. Eleanor's wedding is next week and I'm so excited for her. I'll probably break the news to her and the rest of the guys then, but for now, I'm just going to keep this little secret between Harry and I.


I groaned and looked at the clock. It was 10:30. I needed to drive to Eleanor and Louis house so I could help her get ready. I got there and everyone was scurring around. I spotted Eleanor and she didn't look happy.

"El, hey babe, what's up?" I asked.


"Okay, calm. Breathe. Let me go make a phone call." I pulled my phone out and googled near by photographers. I called one and she was busy today. I called another one and he was free. He said he was on his way.

"El, I got a photographer, okay?" 

"Thank you! This is why you're my maid of honour! Now help me dress!" She pulled me into her bedroom where her dress lay on the bed. She was very unlike most brides. On my wedding day I was freaking out and I got cold feet. El seems comepletely fine. She stripped from her clothes and I grabbed her dress. I lifted it and put it over her head, the task was difficult, she was tall whereas I as short. We finally got the dress on her and I stalked around her to tighten the corset in the back. The dress was very very elegant. It looked wonderful on her and fit her in all the right places. 

"Grab my heels please?" She smiled. I grabbed her heels and placed them on the bed. I called in her make-up artist and she started on El while I changed into my dress. She had us wearing short, pink satin dresses, they were really cute. I had the hair stylist start on my hair while the rest of the girls changed. It was Dani, Kelly, Linda and I for her bridesmaids. We all looked wonderful by the time our make-up and hair was done. The photographer was snapping pictures of us getting ready. It was 30 minutes until the wedding and stress was starting to set in.

"El, you good?" I asked.

"I'm great!" She smiled. "I can't wait. It seems like I've been waiting for this my whole life. I'm so happy I found Louis." 

"Yeah yeah. Save it for your vows." I laughed. Eleanors father came back and told her that we would be starting. The music started and Kelly and Niall went first. Then Zayn and Perrie. Then Eleanor's step-brother and I walked down. He kissed me on the cheek before we parted. We all turned and waited for El to walk out. She appeared and everyone gasped; She looked beautiful. I found myself in tears at the sight of her. Her dad kissed her on the cheek then sat down. Let me just say, the ceremony was beautiful, their vows were beautiful, and I'm so happy they're married now. At the reception, I decided it would be time to tell her that I'm kinda, with child.

"El, can I talk to you?" I pulled her away from Louis, as bad as I felt for that, he'd forgive me later.

"What's up Al?" She smiled.

"I'm pregnant." No sugar-coating.

"What? Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"It's Harry's right?" She asked.

"Of course!" I giggled.

"Just making sure!" She laughed. "What are you gunna do?"

"I'm gunna keep it." 

"Are you sure you can do this on your own?" She looked really concerned.

"I'm not sure about it, but I'll try." I nodded.

"I'm proud of you." She pulled me into a hug.

The reception went on and it was a blast! I went home and my feet were so sore from dancing. I pulled my dress off and fell on my bed. I was wearing my bra and underwear..Oh well.


I woke up and glanced at the place where Harry would be if he were here. I put my hand out and touched the bed. A tear slid down my cheek and onto the bed. I sniffled and wiped my nose. I need to sop being sad. For my own sake. I got into the shower and wiped all the grime off my body. I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on some sweats and a loose t-shirt. I put my hair up into a messy bun and lounged around the house all day, I guess this is what my life is going to be like until I have this baby. Lazy and probably unhumane.

I just kept walking around all day and moving things, then moving them back.I need something to do, I can't just sit around all day...Maybe it's time to go back to school. I never finished, so it'd probably be a good thing for me. I put on clothes, that made me look at least half-decent, those clothes consisting of skinny jeans, a white, v-neck t-shirt, my white vans and make-up. I grabbed a sweater and my purse and headed out of the flat. I locked the door behind me and walked to Harry's audi. I pulled up to the school and people were staring as I got out of the car. Probably because I was in a audi and they all probably have honda's. I walked into the administrating office and waited for a meeting with the dean. When he called my back I stood up and walked back with him. He asked me all sorts of questions, some personal, some rediculous.

"I'll get back to you Ms.Styles." He smiled at me. I shook his hand and walked out of the office.

"Look! It's Harry Styles wife!" Someone yelled. I was instantly crowded my people, asking for my auto-graph, asking for pictures. I tried to get to all of them but It wasn't possible. I made it out of the crowd and went back to the car. People followed me, I now know what it feels like to be famous. It's annoying. I started to drive around london, I didn't want to go home just yet. I went to a little diner and had some food. Then I just started walking around the centre. Going to some stores. I bought some shirts and some pants. I got new shoes and some scarves. Today has been a very chill day and It was going great. I headed home. And when I walked through the door I saw someone I thought I would never see again...




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