On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


29. Pancakes

~Alys P.O.V~

Just as everyone was leaving Harry was whispering really dirty things into my ear that made me blush. We got into the car and he put his hand on my thigh, causing me to jump. He laughed at me and started moving his fingers. He had unbelieveably cold hands. I placed my hand on top his while his other one drove. When we got to the house I went into our room. Harry was downstairs doing something. I stripped from my dress, heels and earrings I slid on one of his t-shirts and some spandex. I went into the bathroom and cleaned the make-up off my face. I got in bed and waited for Harry. He walked in a few seconds later, still looking good in his tux. He sat next to me on the bed. He leaned down and started to take his shoes off. I reached up and started rubbing his back. He rid himself of his blazer, then proceeded to take his shirt and dress pants off. He ruffled his hair and slid into bed next to me. We were facing eachother, he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I snuggled myself closer to him and burried my head into his chest. I felt his muscular arms wrap around me and I felt safe. I fell asleep inhaling Harry scent.

I woke up and I was laying on Harry. How did I get there? I lifted my head and looked at him. He was still sleeping. He is so beautiful. His full pink lips, just longing to be touched. I pulled myself up gently and planted a kiss on the lips that were calling my name. I felt his lips curl into a smile and kiss me too. He hands left his side and crawled onto my back. I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"Goodmorning beautiful." He smiled and slid his hands up to my cheeks and held them.

"Goodmorning handsome." I laughed at that.

"How about we go to Old Dutch for some pancakes?" He pouted. He loved pancakes. Maybe even more then me.

"That's like a 2 hour drive, for some pancakes? Babe, are you forreal?"

"I'm very forreal." He chuckled.

"I guess." I slipped from his grasp and grabbed Harry Jack Wills sweater and threw it over my head.

"I was going to wear that." He said looking at me.

"Yeah, well now I am." I stuck my tounge out at him and walked over to my dresser for jeans. 

I walked into the bathroom and fixed my hair, cause it looked like a birds-nest. I applied some mascara and walked out of the bathroom. That little butt still hadn't got out of bed. I jumped on the bed and he screamed. I fell off the bed in a fit of laughter. He got up and slid some pants on over his boxers. He grabbed a white t-shirt and a black blazer. When I recovered from laughing at his reaction I got off the floor and walked towards him.

"You look sexier than you would've in this sweater." I winked at him and went into the closet. He playfully smacked my bum and I turned to look at him and he had this smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my white vans from the closet. I slid them on over my non-matching socks and grabbed my phone off the nightstand. Harry was sitting on the bed and I got on behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest and neck area.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Mhm." I layed my head on his chest, keeping my grip.

"What are you doing?" He laughed.

"Carry me."

He groaned and lifted us off the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took us out of the room and walked down the stairs.

"This is where the Harry express ends. Hope you enjoyed your ride, Please come back for any of our other attractions anytime." I got off his back and walked around to face me. He winked and I laughed so hard at him. I opened the door and went to the car. I started pulling on the door handle until he unlocked the door. It was a sucky rainy day today. Luckily, there was no traffic, so we got to the pancake house quicker than usual. Since it was a sunday, no one but old people were there. We were probably going to be loud and get yelled at by some old bat sitting nearby.

We were seated next to a window. I usually like window seats, but it looked like crap outside. I don't want to see that crap when I'm eating, but o well. The waitor handed us our menu's and I opened mine. I could feel Harrys eyes glaring at me. Without looking up I asked him:

"What are you looking at?"

"How, did you know I was looking at you?" He asked slowly.

"I can feel your huge eyes staring at me, and I can see you out of my perephial vision." I laughed at him.

"I was just looking at your beauty." He said sweetly.

I blushed and continued looking over my menu. I sat it down and started looking at Harry like he was me. He didn't notice, but I didn't care. I loved the way his hair was just, there. It was so big, I just wanted to run my fingers through it. He had a pretty good body on him, too. I loved the fact that he was way taller then me too. After a while he looked up and noticed me looking at him.

"Can I help you?"

"I was just looking at your beauty." I said mimicking him.

"That's my thing!" We laughed loud and a older couple turned and looked at us. They made faces and went back to eating their oat-meal.

Our waitor came back with our drinks. We both got milk.

"What can I get for you two?" He smiled at me.

Harry nodded at me to go first and I started.

"I would like the chocolate chip pancakes." I shut my menu and handed it to the waitor.

"Would you like whip creme and strawberrys on it too?"

"Yes." I smiled politely.

Harry ordered the same thing as me and the waitor walked away.

"I think he's thrying to flirt with you." Harry said.

"Well, he can flirt all he wants. Cause I have exactly what I want right in front of me." We both leaned in and kissed eachother.

We were holding hands across the table when he came back with our food.

"Yay! Food. I'm starving!" I laughed and grabbed my fork and knife. I cut the pancakes in 4's and started mowing them down. Harrys eyes were wide.

"What?" I unsucessfully asked with a mouth full of pancake.

"Nothing." He shook his head and laughed. He dug into his pancakes and it was quiet besides the muffled sound of chatting in the resturant and our light chewing noises. The waitor came and got our empty plates and brought the check back. Harry went and paid for it while I waited.

The waitor walked over to me while Harry was gone and started talking to me.

"Hey, you're really pretty."

"Erm, thanks?" I said quizically.

"You should give me a call sometime." He slid his number over to me and left. A few seconds later Harry came back.

"Ready to go babe?" I grabbed his hand and walked out. I left the number on the table. I wasn't looking forward to the 2 hour drive home. I turned on the radio and I was dancing in my seat. Harry was just laughing hystarically, but he was keeping his attention on the road. It felt like in no time we were home. It was only 2 and I felt like taking a nap.

"Hey babe, I'm going to take a nap. I super tired." I kissed him on the cheek and headed into our room. I took my pants off, leaving me in my underwear and slid under the covers. I closed my eyes and I was asleep in no time.

~Harrys P.O.V~

While Aly was napping, I would clean up a little bit. My phone rang and I looked at it. It was a text from Josh.

'Ey dude. How about me and Linda come over for a while?'

I guess him and this Linda character are dating now. I played with my thumbs then replied back:

'Sure, but Alys sleeping right now. So you guys have to be quiet until she wakes up.'

He replied:

'Alright, we'll be over in a few.'

I definately needed to pick up now. I cleaned the living room and vacuumed. I cleaned our kitchen and did some laundry. Just then a kcock sounded at the door and I walked over to it and opened it. Josh and Linda walked in and I closed the door.

"Hey man. How's everything?" 


We talked for about a hour and had a few beers. I heard the bedroom door open and I heard clunking down the steps. A few seconds later Aly appeared in the door way of the living room.

"Hey baby." I smiled at her and she walked over and sat by me, leaning her head on my shoulder. She was still in her underwear, but she was too drowsy to notice. I put put a blanket over her legs and swung my arm around her.

"Hey Linda, Hey Josh." She paused. "LINDA! JOSH! Did you guys hook up?" She was definately up now.

"Yeah. But not in that way." Linda said. "We're just dating." Josh finished. 

"Awuh! I knew you guys would end up together! I am just so damn good!" Everyone laughed and she grabbed my beer and took a sip of it.

"Erm, mine?" I looked at her.

She smiled and put it down.


"Why not?" Josh and Linda said together. 

We all headed downstairs and into our in-home movie theathre. We took our seat and Aly was sitting on the floor.

"What should we watch?" She yelled over her shoulder.

"Paranormal Activity!" I yelled.

She groaned and put it in. We've watched this movie so many times, we can recite the lines. When the movie was over Aly and I got up and Josh and Linda were making out in the seats behind us.

"Ew." Aly said.

They pulled away and Linda blushed.

"It's probably time we get going." Josh said standing.

"Yeah." Linda stood with him and we all left the room and headed up the stairs.

We said our goodbyes and off they were. Aly was wide awake because of the nap she took earlier. It was only 7 and still bright outside. She was standing there for a while, with a puzzled look on her face.

"I want a trampoline." She said slowly.

I laughed at her. "Are you serious?" I continued laughing.


I shook my head and smiled at her. She looked at me with her big green eyes, I couldn't say no. She was also pouting. Oh my god.

"Fine." I exhaled deeply.

She screamed in excitement and ran up the stairs. She came back down a few seconds later and was smiling. I chuckled and handed her the keys. She got int the drivers side and started the car. She pulled out of the driveway and off we were. With her being so cute, how does she not get her way?


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