On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


9. It'll be alright

"Hey! You can't be in here!"

"Oh shit!" Aly and I screamed.

We jumped out of the pool and ran past the security gaurd. Grabbing our towels and the elevator closed as he was walking over to us. The ride up was filled with laughs and 'ohmygods' when the door opened their was security guards were walking down the hallway 

"Shit" was all that could escape my mouth. I looked at Aly and put my finger up to my mouth motioning her to keep quiet. All we had to do was round the corner and make a run for it. We stood back to back, hand in hand.  We were walking quietly and slowly, trying not to get caught cause if we did we'd all be kicked out. Once we rounded the corner we ran like hell. I seached for the key and then I realized that I must've dropped it. I knocked on the door and a very sleepy Niall answered.

"I'm sorry but-"

"Move" I said and pushed him out of the way pulling Aly in the room with me.

Niall just mumbled a "ok" and closed the door and walked back into his room. By now it was about 1 and I needed my sleep for tomorrow.

~Alys P.O.V~

I woke up and Harry wasn't by my side. I was still wearing my swimsuit from last night. Ah, last night was fun. I looked over at the nightstand and their was a note from Harry.

Babe, you looked so peaceful while you slept so I didn't want to wake you up. We'll be at the studio until 5, so come by if you want. Love you, see you later. 

-xoxo, Harry.

I loved him so much. I got in the shower and got dressed. I took the elevator down and my taxi was waiting for me. It took forever to get their because of this afternoon traffic. I called Harry to tell him I was on my way. He was excited on the other side of the phone. I walked into the studio and hugged Harry. He kissed me on the forehead and I sat down on the couch. The boys walked back into the recording room and hit the chorus of 'rock me'

'I want you to rock me,

rock me

rock me, yeah.

Hit the pedal 

heavy metal, show me you care...'

Harry looked directly at me and gave me a cheeky grin. Paul looked at me as I blushed.

"You're doing something to him." He continued "He's in love. He's singing more, soulful, putting more heart into his songs as if he's singing directly to you".

My face must've been as red as a tomato. Having someone else tell me that Harry was in love with me. So others saw it too. He got this gleam in his eyes whenever he looked at me. He was always smiling. I loved him so much, and I never wanted to lose him. They finished the song and Harry came over to me and sat on me.

"Ugh!" The wind blew out of me as he sat on my lap. I was so little, he was much bigger then me.

"Sorry babe, did I hurt you?" He said laughing.

"No!" I laughed as he out his arm around me.

"We're just about done here for today, boys" Paul said.

We all walked out of the studio, Me and Harry hand in hand. Fans mobbed us and started taking pictures and screaming things like 'WE LOVE YOU!' and 'MARRY ME HARRY!' I laughed at that one. No ones taking my man off my hands. I smiled and planted a big one right on Harrys lips. He grabbed my hips and picked me up swinging me around. The fans got louder after that.

"Alright guys! They get it!" Louis chickled.

We climed into the limo and headed back to the hotel.

"How about we go out tonight?" Niall asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea..We have a concert tomorrow" Liam said being the daddy of the group.

A chorus of 'yeahs' and 'oks' filled the air and the rest of the ride was silent. I cuddled up to Harry and looked at him. He had an unusual look on his face...LIke he was gunna do something. We got back to the hotel and the boys got their swim trunks pn and headed down to the pool. 

"Harry, aren't you gunna go with the boys?" I asked flopping on the bed.

"No, why would I? When I have all I need right here." He said flopping next to me.

I rolled over on to him and looked him in the eyes.

"I love you so much Harry. More then you could ever know. Everytime I'm with you, It...it's like a dream. And everytime we kiss, fireworks go off inside me. When we cuddle, I feel like I could melt into you. I hope this never ends, and I want to be with you forever."

~Harrys P.O.V~

Forever, that word rang in my head. I was definately going to do this. I love her so much and I'm ready to start a life with her. And maybe even a family. I raised my head up to her and kissed her more passionately then I think I ever have. The fourth of July went off inside me and I'm pretty sure it did to her too. I can't explain how much I love her. Their aren't even words. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me, she was laying on me now. She had her hands on my shoulder and I was rubbing her back. She broke the kiss and whispered 'I love you' into my ear before getting off me and laid her head on my chest. I was rubbing her back again and I could hear her silently breathing, she fell asleep. I put my hand on her back and drifted into a deep sleep. It felt like I woke up a few minutes later and I heard a shuffling around. I looked over and Aly was still in my arms but I saw a figure in the next room. I didn't think much of it, It was probably one of the boys. I closed my eyes. It got louder so I got up to go tell them to be quiet. I slid the door open and their was a girl going through our bags.

"Ughm, can I help you?" I asked.

She just looked at me and tried to make a run for the door. I stood in front of it so she couldn't get out.

"ALY!" I was screaming.

~Alys P.O.V~

What the hell was Harry screaming my name for? I walked over to the door and he was standing there and a girl was trying to get out.

"Call the boys" Harry looked serious.

I ran into our room and searched the bed for my phone. I couldn't find it so I grabbed Harrys pants and pulled his out. First in the contact was Niall.


"C'mon Niall. Pick up" I said to myself.


"Hello? Harry?" It was Liam.

"Liam! Get to the room quick! Their's some chick in here. Hurry!" And I hung up.

Next thing you know, 4 boys busted through the door and they were looking at the chick sitting on the couch.

"W-what're you guys gunna do to me?" She mumbled.

"Nothing." Niall answered.

"How did you get in here?" Harry asked.

"I found the key, On the ground outside the elevator so I was gunna return in, and then I saw you and Aly sleeping and I took advantage of the situation. Not every girl gets to say they were in One Directions hotel room" She finished.

"Yeah, and neither are you! If this leaks to the public, people will talk." I said with a bitchy smirk.

"I agree with Aly" Liam added.

Then their was a chorus of 'yeahs' and 'me toos' from the rest of the boys.

I walked up to her and grabbed her shoulder, looking her directly in the eyes with my death glare.

"You will say noting. And I repeat, NOTHING. To anyone about this. And I swear if I see so much as a little glimpse of you in a magazine or on t.v or anywhere on the internet, It's you and me. And that's something you do not want." I let go of her and walked away. She gave me a little nod and walked out of the room. Wait... She had something in her hand...Was that? My phone...?

"Hey bitch!" I called as she was walking away. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back. "Why the FUCK..." I paused. "Do you have my phone!?" She looked at me with scared eyes and tried to through a punch at me. "Oh HELL no!" I screamed. I pushed her on the ground and got on top of her and started hitting her hard in the face. She was bleeding and once the boys saw it they rushed ocer to me and pulled me off her. I was still throwing hits and yelling colourful things. "YOU FUCKING PHYCO BITCH!" Escaped her mouth. "FUCK THIS!" I broke loose from the boys and ran full speed ahead strait at her. I tackled her to the ground and got back on top of her. I was madder then ever. I was hitting her and then I felt a sharp pain in my back. I grabbed my back and a knife was sticking out of it. I rolled over off her and onto my side. After that everything went black.

~Harrys P.O.V~

I ran over to Aly and picked her up in my arms and ran out of the hotel room. I didn't take the elevator it would take too long. So I ran down the stairs and into the taxi Liam called for us. The driver was so confused.

"DRIVE!" I yelled at him.

He obviously knew where to go and drove us strait to the emergency room. I threw him some money and got out of the taxi. The boys followed behind us in another taxi. Zayn took Aly from me and laid her on the gurney. They ran her into the emergency room while I checked her in. After words I ran up to her and said that I loved her as they rushed her into the surgery room. I walked into the waiting room and all the boys came up to me and hugged me. All I could do is break down in tears. Was she going to be ok? I love her so much, I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to her. I fell asleep and the doctor came in. Louis shook me and tried to wake me up. My eyes were heavy and puffy from crying.

"Mr.Styles" The doctor continued "She's lost a lot of blood, you see. She's got a very rare blood type. She has AB Negative, and currently we're on a shortage of that type, so we cannot hook her up to an IV. Louis' eyes lit up when he said AB Negative. He stood up.

"I have...I have AB Negative blood." He said.

"She will need a little over a pint ad a half of blood, and legally we can't take anymore then a pint." The doctor said looking sorry.

"No!" Louis screamed. "You will take all the blood she needs from me! I will not let her die!" Louis eyes filled with rage.

"Eh hem." The doctor cleared his throat. "Right this way, sir" And he pointed down the hallway.

"Thank you mate" I said. I looked him in the eyes and gave him a hug.

About a hour later Louis walked back into the waiting room looking a little sheepish. Liam stood up and walked over to him. We need to get some sweets into you and into bed" He held onto him. "I'll take him." Liam said. "You guys stay with Harry, God knows he needs us." And they walked out. I put my head into Nialls chest and started crying again. I loved her so much. Zayn and Niall woke me up and said that we were able to visit her now. I ran as fast as I could into her room. I walked over to her and she looked so peaceful. Even hooked up to all her IV's and that annoying heart moniter. The doctor walked in.

"Is she going to be-

"Alright." He said. Yes, She just needs some sleep. She'll wake up at her own time he looked at me and scribbled something down on his clipboard. He hooked it on the back of her bed and walked out. I sat next to her and grabbed her hand. 

"It'll be alright" I cooed to her. 

"It'll be alright"

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