On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


17. Coming home

~Alys P.O.V~

These 3 weeks had passed by so quick. After that fight me and Harry had, we had the best make-up sex ever. I don't think he'll ever be ale to top that. We had to leave in a few hours. I loved spending every waking hour with Harry, but I was excited to get back home. Kelly texted me and said that her and Niall were getting pretty close. Maybe Niall found his princess and Kelly her prince. If their was one thing I wasn't looking forward too, about leaving, was the long boat ride back to shore.

"Harry!" His arse was probably outside. Great, I'm left to bring the bags out. I carried them all ouf and threw them into the lift-up seat. I sat down as he started up the boat and off we were.

Me and Harry held hands the entire way back. We talked about the great times we had in these past weeks, He kept going back to his favourite subject. Sex.

"It was so great, babe."

I didn't know what to say. I just blushed. I squeezed his hand even tighter. I finally saw the shore start to appear.  I got excited nad twidled my fingers.

"What are you doing?" Harry laughed.

"I'm excited! Can't wait to see everyone!" I screamed over the wind.

"I didn't know you wanted to get away from me so badly." Harry pouted. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I don't! I love spending time with you babe! I'm just excited to get back to Kelly! She told me that her and Niall have something going on. I just want to know all the deets!"

He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. It was about 5 now, and we had to be to the airport at 6:30, exactly enough time to get to the airport.

"Airport please." Harry said.

"Woah! I'm guessing you guys aren't from here!" The driver said in am American accent.

"Nah, We're from England." Harry grabbed my hand and smiled.

We reached the airport and we shuffled to the trunk to get our bags. We headed into the airport and checked in. We headed to security and got through with a breeze. We took our seats and a girl walked on the plane. She looked at me then darted her eyes at Harry. Oh, no bitch.

"Oh, Em, Geeee!! HARRRRY!" She practically screamed, turning all the heads on the plane. Oh my freaking god. 

"Erm, Do I know you?" Harry asked confused.

"You don't remember me?! We hooked up last year!"

"Ughm excuse me bitch, but I don't really appreciate you talking like that to my man, in front of me. I hate to be like this but kindly back off." I hopped in the conversation.

"Don't call me a bitch you slut." She hissed and stepped closer to me.

"Your comments are irrelevant, like you. So please go take your fucking seat and hop the fuck out of my face." She was starting to piss me off.

"I will do whatever I want."

"Bitch. Do you not understand what 'hop the fuck out of my face' means? It mean to back the fuck up. You cunt."

She gave me a dirty look and walked off. No one talks to my man like that. Especially not in front of me. I laid my head down on Harrys chest. We were expected to land at 4 tomorrow. I woke up and looked at my phone. It was 1:30. Fuck. I had to pee. I got up and headed to the first class bathroom only to find it occupied. I walked to the middle class bathroom and I saw the bitch that attempted to get Harry earlier. She was awake I guess cause when I walked past her to get to the bathroom she stuck her foot out and I fell. I got up and gave her a death glare.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

She was starting to really piss me off now.

"Oops, sorry, looks like your giant monster feet got in the way."

Considering I wear a size 7, my feet wern't that big.

"You're fucking retarded." And I walked off.

I walked out of the bathroom and she was just staring at me. Physco people. I swear to god. I went back and cuddled back up to Harry and fell asleep. 

"Babe." Harrys morning voice whispered into my ear. God, it was so sexy.


"Wake up please."

"Ugh, fine."

I lifted my head off his chest and my neck killed.

"I'm up." and I looked at him.

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"We'll be back home in England in about a hour. It's 4 right now, the flight was a little delayed, You wanna go to dinner? Or go strait home."

"Ugh, Could we just get Nandos or something? I don't feel like sitting in a resturant."

"Sure babe." And he pulled me back into his chest. His fingers were running through my hair. I love the way it felt. In no time it felt like the plane landed and we were heading to baggage claim. I gripped Harrys hand so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd. We grabbed our bags and headed out to Harrys car. He had one of his mates drop it off I guess. We got in the car and Harry started it up.

"TO NANDOS!" I yelled.

Harry laughed. "To Nandos!" He repeated me.

We ordered the regular, Peri-Peri chicken. We'd eat when we got home. Whilst driving home I recongnized all the sights I hadn't seen in a while. I smiled. I was so happy to be home. The boys had came everyweek to clean the house so it wouldn't be god awful when we returned. We pulled into the driveway and Niall and Kellys cars were parked. What? 

"Harry, can you grab the bags? I'm jet-lagged."

"Sure thing babe!" He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

I walked up to our door and unlocked it. Walking in I heard groaning and screams from upstairs. If they were having sex, in my bed, I was going to kill them. I kicked my shoes off and ran up to my room. Opening the door. They wern't in here so that's a good thing. I walked to the next room and put my ear up to it.

"Yeah! Niall! Right there! Ugh! FUCK!" Kelly screamed. My mouth dropped. Kelly was a virgin when we left...

"Oh, Kelly! You're so fucking tight!" Nialls voice said from inside the room.

I couldn't listen anymore. I would hate to have someone interupt me but Harry wasn't gunna deal well with this if he walked in and heard what I did.

"Hey! You two little nastys! Make yourselfs presentable. And don't ever fuck in my house again." I head shuffling and whispers from inside the room. They opened the door. They looked like they had been having sex. Kelly pulled me into a tight hug. 

"HOW WAS IT?" She yelled.

"It was great!" We laughed.


He pulled me into a hug.

"So, are, erm. Are you guys, like, together?" I asked.

"Yeah." Niall grabbed her hand.

"Awuh! Well, I'm stealing her from you for a moment. Harry might need some help outside. You should go help him." And Niall walked off. As soon as he was outside I looked at a very red Kelly.

"What were you guys doing in there?! That was like, crazy, monkey sex!" I laughed. "And wern't you a VIRGIN when we left?! You little nasty!"

Me and Kelly started cracking up. But then she told me, that she told him the story about how she adored him since she was like 14, and then he stayed at her place after the wedding. She made it very clear that she had lost her innocence to him only a week ago. And since then, they'd been at it like wild animals. Ew. Next thing Harry and Niall walked in and looked at us. I ust burst into laughter at the thought of Kelly and Naill.

"What's so funny?" Harry said.

"Oh, Nothing. Just the fact that KELLY AND NIALL HAVE BEEN HAVING CRAZY MONKEY SEX ALMOST EVERYDAY!" I looked at her and ran down to Harry. Kelly followed suit. She looked mad but I knew she wasn't. They both dropped our bags and Niall had the Nando's. That's not good. He ran into the bathroom and locked himself in there. By the sounds of it, he was eating our food. I was going to get him later. Me and Kelly picked up the suitcases and brought them up to Harry and I's room.

"So, how was it? You know, the first time?" I was really interested. My best friend lost her innocence and I was just not finding out. I needed to know everything.

"It was amazing!"


Niall asked me out after Aly and Harrys wedding. Well I obviously said yes. He told me to dress up nice. Hmm. I walked over to my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. I decided on a classy red dress that I bought a few months back and have never worn. It had a littlle red jacket built into it, and a black belt. It was beautiful. I decided I was going with black heels with a peep toe to match the belt. They were shiny like the belt. I put just a clear coat on my toes and let them dry. I slipped my heels on and walked over to my jewelery cabinet. Yes, I have a cabinet full of jewelery. I put in my black flowery earrings and then searched for a necklace.I couldn't find one that suited my needs and walked into the bathroom. I put on some powder giving me a little hint of colour to my face. I lightly brushed some mascara on my lashes and I was ready. just as i walked back into my room my phone lit up with a text from Niall.

(This is her outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68777762)

From: Niall xx :)

Hey beautiful. Be out in 5 xx

I responded.

To: Niall xx :)

Alright! Literally just finished getting ready.

I headed down the stairs of my parents flat and my mums mouth dropped. Yes, I was 18 and in college, but I still lived with my parents.

"You look beautiful, love." My mum said.

"Is he Irish?" Asked my dad.

"Of course dad! and thanks mum!"

"I like him already." My dad stated. I laughed at his silliness. I was pushed to the side as my father darted past me to open the door, greeting Niall.

"Hello, mate. Is Kelly here?" Niall thick Irish accent asked my dad.

"Right here!" I said walking around my dad, my long brown hair falling from behind my ear.

My dad looked at me. I knew the drill. I was to go sit on the couch with mum while dad had a talk with Niall.

~Nialls P.O.V~

I could tell her dad was Irish. He backed me away from the house and walked me into the front yard to give me the talk I guess. Of all the girls I've ever dated, none of their dads have taken me and talked to me. She's just so different. I see her and I together. Forever.

"So, son. You want to date my daughter, eh?"

"Yes, sir. Of course, with your permission." I quickly answered back.

"I just got a couple questoins for you, before and if I let her go out with you."

Before and if ran through my head. He really loved her. I needed to be on my best behaviour.

"Are you a virgin, son?"

Shit. This was the one question I did not want to answer.

"Sir, to be completely honst with you, no. I'm 20 and I thought I fell in love with a girl, But she played me, and in the end, I was the one to get hurt. But I have only had sex once, sir. And I do regret it." I hope this didn't ruin my chances. I really like Kelly.

"I can't say that I like that too much, but my Kelly seems to really fancy you. If she comes home and she's not a virgin anymore, I'll find you, son."

My heart dropped. He's letting me go out with her! Yes!

"I won't try anything, sir. I can promise you that."

"Alright, let's go back inside and send you kids off."

We walked through the door and Kelly and her mum stood up and walked over to us.

"Hello, young man." Her mum winked at her. "You're very handsome."

I smiled showing off my braces.

"Alright, get out of here, crazy kids. Bring her back by 12." Her dad smiled at me. this was going to be great. I grabbed her hand and she blushed. I led her to my car and opened the passenger door for her. She slipped in the car and I shut the door. I got in the drivers side and started the car up.

~Kellys P.O.V~

The date was amazing. I looked at my phone and it was only 10. We had 2 hours to kill.

"You ready to go home?" Nialls voice said sweetly. 

"It's only 10." I said confused

He grabbed my hand from across the table and gazed into my eyes.

"I want to make a good impression on your parents. I want them to really like me, so eventually they'll let you spend the night with me." He winked.

"Niall... I'm a virgin..." I looked down at my shoes.

"I-I didn't know that..." his voice trailed off.

"But, that doesn't mean, that you couldn't change that..." I said embarrassed. Fuck. I shouldn't have said that! He's gunna think I'm some sort of slut or something! Great. This is just what I needed.

"I didn't mean it like that! I'm not a whore. I'm sorry I didn't-"

His laughing shushed me. My eyes felt like they were about to cry.

"Hey, don't do that. Don't cry. I know what you meant, I feel the same... But you know, I'm not a virgin."

"You aren't?" She looked like she'd lost all hope.

"I thought I was in love, But she just fucked me over. She used me. She broke my heart."

"I'm so sorry, Niall. I'd never do that to you. Erm. Sorry." I'm so stupid. The wrong words just keep stumbling out of my mouth.

"I know you wouldn't. I can tell, you're different then other girls."

I blushed. I wanted to be his girlfriend so bad.

He looked at our hands, they were entwined with eachothers. "Kelly, I want you to be my girlfriend."

"I would love to!" I answered a bit more quick then I should have.

He laughed.

"Great, now let's get you back home." He smiled and held my hand, walking me out to his car. We got back to my house and he got out and rushed over to my side of the car. He opened the door for me and held his hand out. I could see my dad watching in the window. I grabbed it and he closed the door behind me. We walked to my doorstep, hand in hand.

"I had fun tonight." He smiled.

"Me too, Thanks for dinner. It was great."

He pulled me in for a hug. I guess it was the most appropriate thing to do at the time cause just then, my father opened the door. He flashed Niall a smile.

"I'll text you later, yeah?" I smiled walking into the house.

"Yeah." He blushed. I headed up to my room and peered over the balcony. My father shook Nialls hand, said goodnight and closed the door.

"Kelly!" My parents called.

I walked down the stairs still in my dress, but not my heels.

"Did he ask you out?" My mum said right as I sat down.

"He did."

"Was he a gentleman?" My father asked staring right into my eyes.

"Of course dad!" I smiled.

"When are you guys going out next?" My mum asked.

"Erm, we didn't really discuss that. But he asked to meet up with me tomorrow at Starbucks."

"I like him." My dad said.

"Yeah. Me too."

"I give you permision to date him. But whatever you guys do is on your hands."

I knew exactly what my dad was talking about. Was he giving me permission to have sex with Niall? Woah.

I texted Niall as soon as I got upstairs.

To: Niall xx :)

My dad really likes you. He said something...

My phone lit up a few seconds later.

From: Niall xx :)

Sweet! What'd he say?

To: Niall xx :)

It's weird.

From: Niall xx :)

Haha, come on. Tell me. Please (;

To: Niall xx :)

Well, my dad basically gave me permission to have sex with you.

From: Niall xx :)

What'd he say?

To: Niall xx :)

He said 'I give you permission to date him. But whatever you guys do is on your hands.'

From: Niall xx :)

Woah, I won't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to. We will if and when you're ready.

To: Niall xx :)

Awuh. You're so sweet. (:

From: Niall xx :)

Haha, Thanks babe. Why don't you get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. And don't worry about dressing up. Wear something casual if you want. Sweats would be nice (;

To: Niall xx :)

Haha, ok. I'll wear sweats!

I caught myself smiling like a idiot. What time boy did to me.

-------------A WEEK LATER-----------

I was going out with Niall again tonight. My dad acted all wierd when I told him. After I slipped my dress on my dad opened the door and sat on my bed next to me. He grabbed my hand. He looked like he was about to cry.

"Dad, are you alright?"

"You wanna know something Kelly, I've tried to keep you my little girl for as long as possible. But I'm seeing that you're growing up. And I don't wanna let you go, but I have too. I know that eventually, you and this Niall guy are going to take your relatioship to the next level, and I just want you to be safe. Don't let him pressure you into anything, and don't let him do anything you're not ready for. I give you permission to stay the night with Niall. Just uh, don't come home pregnant."

He handed me some condoms and I looked at him in awe. I didn't know what to say.

"Erm, thanks?" He hugged me and walked out of my room. What the hell just happened?

I slid my krush peep toe ankle boots on and walked to my jewelery cabinet. I grabbed my earringd and but them on. Then I reached for a bracelet that matched my dress perfectly. I grabbed my purse and my phone lit up.

(her outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68780085)

From: Niall xx :)

Hey babe. I'm here. You staying with me tonight? (;

To: Niall xx :)

I'll be down in a minute, and yeah. My dad said I can :)

From: Niall xx :)

Yay! Haha. Hurry your butt up, I see you in the window, your just looking at this text and smiling.

To: Niall xx :)

Whatever babe. On my way :p

I said bye to my parents and told them I'd see them in the morning. I felt so guilty. Knowing that I might have sex with Niall. I had the condoms my dad gave me in my purse. I don't know if I was actually going to use them or not. I walked out of my door and Niall was leaning against his car with his arms crossed. I knew my dad was watching from inside. I walked up to Niall and gave him a hug and a kiss. He opened up the car door for me and I slid in the car. Niall got in and off we were. After dinner we headed back to his place. I got butterflies in my stomach and I was getting nervous. I wanted to do it, but I was scared I was going to do something wrong, or I'd just flat out be terrible at it. He led me into his apartment and into his bedroom. I knew what was going to happen, and I had to make up my mind quick, was I going to let him? Was I going to reject him and loose the only guy I ever loved? No. I couldn't do that. I had made up my mind. Tonight, I was going to let Niall make love to me.

He pressed me to him and placed his lips on mine. Butterflies were raging in my stomach. I kissed him back and our tounges fought for dominance and he won. He placed his hand on the small of my back and we started moving towards the bed. He pushed me down and his eyes filled with lust. He threw his blazer off and it landed somewhere unknown. He climbed on top of me. Knees on both sides and leaned down to kiss me again. At random times I would open my eyes, only to see his closed. He was so beautiful. The light that came in from the window was miniscule, so I could only see some of him. I started rubbing my hands all over his back. Pulling and tugging at his dress shirt and tie. After ripping them off, a shirtless Niall stood in front of me. He pulled me to the end of the bed and lowered himself. His masculine hands gripped my thighs. He was planting light kisses up them and when he reached me vag, I twitched.

"You okay?" He asked. "We won't do anything, if you don't want too. I don't want to pressure you."

"No, I want this, Niall." And with that he continued.

He reached up my dress and pulled down my thong. They were quickly dispensed on the floor as he continued. He started traveling up my body with his hands under my dress. He slowly lifred it over my head and threw it on the floor. He stood back and admired my body. 

"You're beautiful." He smiled. I loved his braces so much.

I smiled back at him and he leaned back down to my statue.

He kissed me again and I fiddled with his belt. I broke his kiss and cursed silently at myself. He reached down and un-did his belt for me. I unzipped his pants and shimmied them down his legs. I reached around and playfully grabbed his bum.

"Hey! Slow down, tiger." Niall laughed.

I smiled and grabbed the back of his neck. I pulled him back to me and started kissing him again. I realized I didn't have any underwear on. Niall pushed me back further on the bed. But I flipped him over and I was on top of him. His breathing was getting heavy and he was grinding his hips against mine.

"It's time for these to come off." Niall grabbed at my bra.

He unhooked it and slipped it away and tossed it across the room. I reached at his hips and tugged at the fabric between us. They fell to the ground and I hovered above him. I was kinda nervous. I reached over to my bag and pulled out the long strand of condoms my dad gave me.

"Where'd you get those?"

"My dad gave them to me."

"Well, thank you dad!" we both laughed.

My teeth tugged as it ripped open. I looked at Niall.

"Put it on me." His voice low.

"I-I don't know h-how.." My voice now at a whisper.

"Just put it in the tip, and roll it down."

I did as he told me to and he twitched as I touched him.

"Did I do it wrong?" I looked up at him.

"No. It's perfect."

I smiled at him and placed my hands on his chest. He put his hands under my bum and lifted me onto him. Aly told me it really hurt when she lost her virginity, but she was also raped. So I was prepairing for the worst. I felt Niall push into me. He was too big for me. I groaned in pain, but he didn't know it hurt. He kept going until he hit a barrior. The barrior that kept my innocence, or had it swiftly taken away. I stopped moving and tensed up. Niall noticed.

"I know you're in pain. But if you tense up, it will hurt even more, I can promise you that." He leaned up and kissed me on the lips. I calmed down a little but, but I still wasn't moving.

"Need some help?" He looked into my eyes.

I gave him a little nod.

He grabbed my hips and gently pulled me down onto him. My mouth dropped and I let a scream escape my mouth.

"Shhh, Shh, babe. It'll be fine." He cooed

I burried my head into his shoulders and he had his hands on my hips. He was still thrusting in and out out of me. I was digging my nails into his shoulder and I bit him. He started to go faster and the pain was going away. Pretty soon a loud clapping was ringing through the bedroom and our moans and screams were echoing. His thrusts were getting slopping and he came into the condom. Our chests were raising and falling violently. I rolled off of him and he got up. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out 1 shirt  and 2 pairs of shorts. He pulled out some boxers and slipped them on then he out on his shorts. He headed over to me with the clothes in his hands. I fell to the floor in search of my underwear. I found them and slipped them on. Then I felt Nialls strong arms around me. He pulled me back on the bed with him and kissed me deeply. He sat me up and slid the plain white shirt over my head. He stood me up and I stepped into the shorts he had choosen for me. He pulled them up my body and I stood between his legs. He was a little taller then me. He stood up and grabbed my hips pulling me closer to him and kissed me. Then the door opened and in stepped Louis.

"Hey mate, I head something-" He let his self trail off as he noticed Niall and I incredibly close, Niall not wearing a shirt, only gym shorts and me in one of Nialls shirts and his gym shorts.

"Ughm, nevermind." He winked at Niall and shut the door. 

"C'mon, let's go to bed, it's kinda late."

He pulled me under the covers with him and I swung my leg over him and laid my head on his chest. Falling into a deep, blissful sleep.

~End Flashback~


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