On your wings

Running away from home Is never easy. Especially if you don't know where you're going. She had to deal with her abusive parents. Her brother died in a crucial car crash on his way home from college. Leaving her alone in this already lonely world. In the midst of a fight with her mum, she decides to run. Run far away. Sometimes runnning away from your problems Is best. But then her whole world turns upside down and sideways when she meets a boy.


33. A very small chance

~Alys P.O.V~

I woke up and Harry was still alseep. Good, now I could put my plan into affect. I called room service and told them to bring up whip creme, chocolate sauce, and strawberries. I gently removed the blankets from Harry and shook the whip creme. I put a dot on all four of his nipples and put strawberries on top. I made a long squigle line down Harrys chest until I reached the 'v' by his hips. I drizzled the chocolate all over his upper body. I stood back and admired my masterpiece. Why hadn't he woke up? He was such a heavy sleeper. I took a picture of him and put my phone on the nightstand. I bent over him and started licking the chocolate off his body. He flinched a little, but didn't wake up. I pulled a strawberry off one of his nipples and ate it. I licked the whip creme and his eyes flung open.

"Why are you licking my nipple?" He laughed.

I stuck my tounge out at him showing him the whip creme.

"Oh, it's like that." He winked and put his head back on the pillow.

I licked all the contents off his body and he was lightly groaning. 

"My turn." His eyes never lost contact with mine and Harry freed me from my clothes. He took the whip creme and drew all over me. He gently placed the strawberries on me and drizzled the chocolate on me. He lened between my legs and started licking the whip creme. I wrapped my legs around his middle back and twirled his hair in my fingers. I was slightly moaning and Harry let out a throaty groan. He looked up at me and with a little bit of the chocolate sauce in his mouth, he kissed me. Intensely, but very passionate. I could taste the chocolate, and the experience was different. He went back down and grabbed a strawberry between his teeth. He flicked it back into his mouth and swallowed it. Once he had me licked clean he flipped me over, so I was on top.

"Well, good-morning to you too." He laughed.

I ignored him and kissed him. He had his hands on my bum and I gasped for air. My heart beat was increasing. I slid my tounge across his. For once, I was in control. I gently ran my hands down his chest and abbs. He moaned slightly.

"That touch is the one I've always yearned for." He said between moans.

He slid my shorts down and pulled my underwear along with. I looked down to where we were going to connect and pulled down the clothing that seperated us.

I lowered myself onto him and started riding up and down. He had his eyes locked with mine and his hands on my hips. 

"Harry! Yes! Yes! Right there!" I moaned.

He held up up a little bit and started thrusting into me like there was no tomorrow. I came a total of 4 times. Harry gave me one last powerful thrust and came. I collapsed on top of him and tried to catch my breath. I could feel his heartbeat against my ear. Our breathing slowed and Harry puffed out:

"Let's take a shower." 

I rolled off him and pulled him with me. I turned on the water and stepped in, along with Harry. We showered and got out. We dried off and started to get ready. I heard my phone ringing and I ran to answer it. I put it on speaker phone, to lazy to hold it up to my ear.

It was Liam and Hannah.

"Harry! Yes! Yes! Right there!" They yelled into the phone.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Where are we going today? El fell asleep before she could tell me."

"We're going sight see-ing. We're going to go further into the city and visit some stores. Stuff like that." Hannah said.

"Oh, okay."

I walked over to the dresser I had put my clothes in and pulled out one of the drawers. I grabbed my skinny jeans and a black, loose fitting tank top with a silver studded cross on the front. I slid them on and pulled on my black vans.

"You look really cute today." Harry snaked his arms around me from behind.

"Well, thank you." I turned around and kissed him. I went into the bathroom and straitened my hair. I put on my make-up and I was ready. Harry and I walked out of the door and met everyone in th lobby.We decided we's walk, because we were only 5 minutes from the city. We kept getting stopped by fans. The boys slid on their sunglasses so maybe people wouldn't recongnize them. We only got stopped a few times after that. We went into times sqaure and it was beautiful. All the lights lit up my face. I looked at all the stores and smiled. I was in New York. 

"Where to first babe?" Harry grabbed my hand.


Harry took me into this glamourous stoor. Everything was so expensive though, I think it was called Hollister, I'm not sure though. Harry had already picked out some things for him. He had two plaid shirts, a red one and a blue one. He also had some jeans.

"Try them on. Model for me." I smiled at Harry. He walked into the dressing room and came out a few minutes later wearing the red plaid shirt.

"Looks great on you! Makes your eyes pop!" He spun around and walked back into the dressing room. He came out in the blue plaid shirt.

"Mmm. I like that one even better."

"I'll just get them both. What do you have?"

"Nothing so far, go put on the jeans, I want to see how they make your bum look." I winked at him and he walked away. He came out and my mouth dropped. Harry looked great in the jeans.

"Turn around, I need to see that cute little bum of yours." He turned around and he had the cutest little bum ever.

"Sexy." He turned around and laughed at me.

"Get anything you want babe. It's on me."

I nodded and walked away from him. I walked over to the jeans and looked at some in my size. I heard some girls mumbling behind me, but whatever. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

"Can I help you?" I said nicely.

"You're Harry Styles girlfriend right?" One with blonde hair asked.

"Erm, wife." I held up my hand awkwardly.

"He deserves someone so much better, Like me." The other one with brown hair said. I don't take shit from anyone, so of course I went off.

"Excuse me? He obviously wanted me, If he didn't, we wouldn't be married. So if you wouldn't mind, you can shut the fuck up and get out of my face. Thank you."

"He probably married you cause he felt bad for you. God knows any other reasons he would." The blonde one spat.

"Excuse me girls? What did I just hear?" Harry came up behind me.

"Erm, nothing." The one with brown hair said.

They walked away. I hated when 'fans' talked like that. They were just jealous I guess..

I grabbed some shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. Harry told me to model for him. That was my thing. I walked into the dressing room and slid on the first shirt. It was a pink lace tank top. It stopped just under my belly-button. It was dark pink on the top and faded to light pink towards the bottom. I walked out and Harry really liked it. He couldn't take his eyes off me. I went back into the changing room and changed into the next shirt. It was pink and grey striped. It was really cute. It exposed a little of my hips, but Harry wouldn't mind. He liked that one too. I put it with the other shirt and changed into the last shirt. It was white and had thin, navy blue stripes on it. It had a two flaps in the front, I guess it was for me to tie. I tied it and it exposed right under my belly button. I walked out of the dressing room and Harry smiled again.

"Is every piece of clothing you put on going to be revealing? I don't want any guys looking at you, You're mine." He laughed.

"I like showing my body off to you." I wiggled my hips a little and Harry shifted in his seat.

"Stop, I don't want to be excited in public." He looked serious.

I blushed, laughed then went back into the dressing room to try on the jeans. The first pair was dark and had rips in them. I liked how urban they looked. Harry said they made my bum look really good. I put them with the shirts and shimmied out of them. The next pair were regular white jeans, since I didn't own any. Harry said they looked good. He paid for everything and we went to get something to eat. We went into a place called applebee's and reserved a table for 12. I called everyone and told them to get there. They were there in like 20 minutes. We ordered and talked. I ordered the chiken panini. It was the best sandwhich I ever had. We all went back to the hotel and hung out in Harry and I's room. We had to leave tomorrow to go to Califonia.

The concert tour was amazing. I met so many awesome people. We were on our way back home and I was excited. I wanted to be back in my bed so badly. I fell asleep in the car. 

"HOME SWEET HOME!" Harry yelled.

I shot up and saw our house.

"FINALLY!" I grabbed my bags and headed towards the door. It felt so good to finally be home. Literally just as we were walking through the door Harrys phone started ringing. He picked it up and It was Liam.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute."


He hung up. 

"Hey babe, I gatta go get Liam and Hannah. His car broke down. I'll be right back. I love you." He kissed me on the lips.

"I love you too babe."

He walked out of the door and I grabbed some bags and brought them into the laundry room. I put them in the wash and let it run. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle and chugged it down. I walked into our room and It looked the same as it did when I left. I loved the feeling of home. It's been about a hour since Harry left, and I was starting to get worried. I was pacing the carpet. Our home phone rang. No one rings the home phone so it's gatta be serious. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I picked up the phone and said 'Hello?' into it.

"ALY! OHMYGOSH YOU NEED TO GET DOWN TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW! WHEN WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO LIAMS A SEMI CRASHED INTO HIS SIDE OF THE CAR-" I dropped the phone and ran out of the house, grabbing keys on the way. I got into Harry Audi R8. I know he wouldn't be happy about me being in it, but I didn't have another car. I sped my way to the hospital I got out of the car and slammed the door behind me. I ran into the hospital and I saw Hannah crying. I ran over to her.

"Hannah, Hannah baby. You need to tell me exactly what happened and where Harry is."

She was shaking and crying, she wasn't going to budge.

I looked around for anyone that could help and I spotted a nurse. I ran up to her.

"Erm, can you help me with something?" I was starting to shake badly. Was Harry okay?

"Sure hiney, what do you need?" She asked sweetly.

"Erm, My husband, was in a car accident. I need to know if he's okay."

"Oh, brown hair? Tall? Green eyes?"

"Yes! Yes that's him."

"Oh, he is in intensive surgery right now, you can't see him." She said.

Just then Harry passed by me on a gurney. Doctors were yelling things and running. 

"HARRY! HARRY! BABY I'M HERE! PLEASE PULL THROUGH FOR ME!" I yelled as he disappeared behind two closed doors. I walked back to where Hannah was and sat next to her. I started crying. I didn't know what to do. I called Kelly, I needed her here.

"Kelly?" My voice was shaky.

"Hey hunny, what's wrong? You don't sound so good."

"Harrys in the hospital. He was hit my a semi-truck."

"WHAT?" She screamed into the phone.

"Yeah, Kelly, Get everyone."

"I'll be there!"

I hung up and put my head into my hands. I started crying when I heard a crowd of people walk in. I ran into Kellys arms and she held me tightly.

"Shh. It's okay." She said rubbing my head.

Just then we heard over the loud speaker:

"We need all doctors available to urgent room number 1. Urgent room number one please."

I remembered the double doors he went through had a big '1' on it.

"THAT'S HARRY!!" I screamed I ran towards the door and I felt arms wrap around me.

"No! Aly you can't go in there!" Niall said. He pulled me back into the waiting room and I was screaming and kicking. I stopped after a while and broke down. I was crying hard. I let everything go. I fell asleep leaning against Linda.

I woke up to people talking. I had a massive headache. I reached into my purse and pulled out some aspirin. I dry-swallowed them and everyone was looking at me.

"What?" I managed to spit out.

"Harrys not waking up. He's on life support right now. We wanted to wait until you got up to go see him." Louis said.

"He's not waking up?" I tried to hold the tears back, but they came invouluntarily.

"No." Liam said.

We walked into Harrys room and I was quickly at his side. Tears slid down my face and onto our hands. The doctor walked into the room and saw us holding hands.

"Are you Mrs.Styles?" He asked.

"Yes." I said through tears.

"Can I talk to you in private please?"

I nodded and followed him out of the room. I closed the door behind me and looked him in the eyes.

"Mrs.Styles, there is a very small chance Harry will survive..."

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