Movella Reviews! *Closed*

Please read the first chapter before you comment.

You want a review? Need criticism? Need confidence? Whatever you need just comment the Movellas you want us to review and we will tell you what is good about it and how to improve :)

Please fan the authors!
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1. Please read!

If you want your story reviewed please tell me in the comments and make sure you include the name of your movella and the genre of it.Please make sure your movella is finished, and tell me if you have a finished sequel or another story you want reviewed and I will do do those too. Also, I'll probably never give anyone a 5 out of 5, so please don't get offended if I give you a 4 and you think you deserve a 5. Oh and also we will not review any movellas with any sexual scenes. Fanfictions will be reviewed by emily45798 and poems will be reviewed by The Escapist. Emmie will review anything else also.




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