Your Reason To Be

Cally was just an average girl, or at least she tried to be. Its kind of hard to be normal when you're in another country, have very little contact with your family, and trying to complete college. Did i mention that she may or may not have be wanted by some powerful crazy people? It gets even harder when you befriend a member of one of the biggest boybands ever, and those boys have come so close to finding out your secret. What will she do when she goes home, with the boys, and they get even closer to discovering the truth about her, and she gets closer to one of them?


4. Skating on Thin Ice

Me and Niall continued on down the street in silence. I was looking around and taking in the sights and Niall just walking, maybe thinking. As I looked around I couldn’t help but wonder why they had closed everything. It wasn’t even very icy. Just as I thought that I felt my feet slide out from under me. Before I could hit the ground I felt an arm slide around my waist and catch me. I looked up at Niall, he looked worried.
“Are you okay? I forgot to mention that it’s a little slippery.” he sounded concerned. I smiled as he helped me to get balanced again.
“Yeah. I’m fine, I think. And yeah it is a bit slippery.” I said. He nodded and looked relieved. We started to walk again. His arm was still around my waist but I didn’t say anything to him, it felt comfortable. When I had fallen I had put my arm around him, I had yet to move it and he hadn’t said anything so I left it there. For a while we just walked in silence. Then Niall broke the silence.
” So, what are you in Ireland for?” he asked a bit shy.
I smiled and looked down.

“Oh, I’m here to study abroad for a year. I’m currently a senior at Stanford University in the states. So I’m interning over here for my last year.” I replied, looking back up at him.

“Oh really, what are you studying?” I smiled and replied “Architecture” he nodded. He looked around and then turned to me.
“Have you ever gone ice skating without an ice rink?” he asked giving me a sly smile. I giggled a bit more and shook my head. He smiled more looking extremely please with himself. He moved his arm away from my waist and grabbed the arm I had around him. He then held my hand and looked at me.

“Just hold on tight. Okay babe?” I just nodded and gripped his hand a bit tighter. He took of running down the street them he suddenly stopped and we kept sliding. When we finally came to a stop and I could not stop laughing. Niall looked at me and joined my laughter. We then both started ice skating without ice, still holding hands. I could not stop laughing. I hadn’t had this much fun in forever.

For a while that’s all we did, skate around while holding hands. At one point Niall looked at me and asked if I wanted to go really fast. I nodded. We took off at a sprint. Then we stopped and slid. I looked over at Niall as he looked over at me, we were both laughing so hard. Then as we came to a stop we both took a step and slipped. I fell right next to Niall. I sat up a bit and looked over at him. We both started laughing again.
“Well, that was fun, and totally smart on our part.” I said still laughing. He just laughed again.
“It was. Fun and smart. But are you okay? Didn’t fall to hard on the ice?” he asked suddenly concerned. I smiled at him.
“I’m fine. Believe me when I say I’ve had much harder falls.” he nodded, looking relieved. He slowly got up then reached out a hand to help me up. I grabbed his hand and got up slowly. I almost slipped again and he grabbed me once more, I reached out and grabbed on to his jacket. Once I was steady again I looked up at him. He was watching me, smiling slightly. His face was so close to mine. I was smiling as well. He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something
“Hey! You two; what are you doing out here?” a cop came up and asked. Niall shut his mouth and turned to face the cop, looking a little upset.
“Sorry officer. Just my friend, she isn’t from around here and since her work was closed today I figured I would show her around some while we had the chance.” Niall responded politely. The cop looked at me.
“Then where is she from?” he asked suspiciously. He was watching me. I shifted nervously.
“America.” I responded before Niall could say anything. “I’m from America.”
The officer looked at me maybe a second longer than necessary. Beside me I felt Niall tense up a bit. The officer turned back to Niall.
“While it’s nice what your doing for a ‘friend’ if she wanted to be shown around she should of gone to get a tour or ask someone who knows the area better. Because, if you hadn’t noticed, you two are currently in the middle of the telly station lot. Which is closed today.” he responded, sounding annoyed. The officer kept looking over at me. Niall stepped forward and angled his body so he was blocking me from the officer’s sight.
“Sorry, officer. But I do know this area. I’ve come here many times. Maybe you haven’t been on the job long or just aren’t trusted enough to be part of the force that sometimes helps with me and my bands security but I come here a lot.” Niall said angrily. The officer took a step back. Then he took a deep breath. He looked rather angry.
“Just who do you think you are lad? And I’ll have you know I am a very important officer so why would I be given the job of supervising you and some silly little band?” Niall tensed up again. He looked rather angry but I didn’t blame him. I would be annoyed to if I was in his shoes.
“I ‘know’ I am Niall James Horan. Part of One Direction, which is not a silly little band, and if you’re so high up, you would know who that is. And you would know that I’ve come here before. “Niall said. The officer looked at Niall. He had placed his hand on his gun, sounding rather annoyed.
“I don’t believe you Mr. Niall Horan. And I do know who One Direction is. So I also know that they aren’t coming here for another month. And they just finished up on tour.” he said. Niall took a deep breath. He was getting really angry. I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. He looked back at me, I smiled softly he returned my smile then turned back around and took a deep breath.
“Look officer your right. One Directing isn’t coming back here for a month and they did just finish up a tour. Which is why I’m here; I came to Dublin before heading back home to see my family.” he said sounding calmer. The officer looked at him.
“That all sounds reasonable but you are still not supposed to be back here. Even if you are who you say you are.” the officer said. Niall nodded then turned to me.
“Let’s go then” he started to walk away and he turned one last time, “I promise you I am who I say I am. And I already apologized for being back here so. Good bye Officer Jack.” he said and then he turned and we left.
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