Your Reason To Be

Cally was just an average girl, or at least she tried to be. Its kind of hard to be normal when you're in another country, have very little contact with your family, and trying to complete college. Did i mention that she may or may not have be wanted by some powerful crazy people? It gets even harder when you befriend a member of one of the biggest boybands ever, and those boys have come so close to finding out your secret. What will she do when she goes home, with the boys, and they get even closer to discovering the truth about her, and she gets closer to one of them?


7. I Like The Way You Smile

Chapter 7

“Cally, are you awake?” Niall asked softly. I raised my head then sat up a bit more. I saw he had closed out of Skype.

“Yeah I’m awake.” I replied. He smiled and stood up.
“Do want dinner or something? I can just call room service if you like. Or I can try and make something here if you want.” he said. I smiled at him. He was so sweet.
“I’m fine with whatever, as long as its food.” I said. He smiled. Then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen.
“Why don’t we try and make something. I’m not a very good cook but I can make some things. I bought pasta the other day. I can try to make that.” he was so excited, like a little kid. I laughed and walked over to grab the box of pasta from him, it was Angel Hair pasta.
“Well pasta sounds great. And I can help you if you like.” I said. He nodded enthusiastically. I laughed again and grabbed a pot. “Can you fill this two-thirds of the way up with water?” I asked. When he nodded I handed it to him. He turned to the sink and filled up the pot. When he turned around he almost spilled most of it. As we both laughed I took the pot and placed it on the stove. Then I turned it on to start boiling.

I put the noodles in the pot once it started to boil. Niall was behind me mixing things together for an Alfredo sauce. I turned around. He giggled and added who knows what. I walked over.
“What are you doing?” I asked him, trying not to laugh. He looked just like a little kid playing. He looked up at me with a guilty look.
“Just adding ingredients. Here try it.” he said then he picked up a small spoonful and held it in front of me. I leaned forward to taste it.
“Not bad, but it’s definitely not Alfredo sauce. You try.” I said pushing his hand gently back towards him. He tasted it. And nodded. I turned around to stir the noodles. When I turned back around Niall was looking from his shirt back to me.
“You spilled sauce on me.” he said. I shook my head.
“No I didn’t. I didn’t come anywhere close to hitting you.” I replied. He looked down again, then over at the bowl. He picked up another tiny spoonful.
“Yes you did. Now you have to pay.” he said deviously. He took a step towards me and flicked the spoon at me. The mixture landed on my shirt. I looked down.
“You didn’t” he nodded. I stepped around him and reached behind me to grab some flour. He took a step towards me and I flicked him with flour. He laughed and grabbed the flour and flicked some at me. I ran and grabbed a random ingredient. I threw it at him. We were both laughing hysterically and throwing ingredients. I started to run from the room to hide when Niall’s hand slid around my waist.
“Oh no you don’t.” he whispered into my ear and spun me around. When he let me go I ran and grabbed more ammunition to throw at him. After a few more throws each he came up to me.
“Truce” he said. I nodded wearily. He reached forward and flicked a bit more flour at me. I laughed, grabbed some flour and flicked it at him. Then I turned to duck and hide. He grabbed me around my waist again. This time he turned me around to face him. I put my hand on his shoulder and my other hand on his chest to brace myself. He looked at me.
“You are a terrible cook.” he said. I giggled at the seriousness of his voice.
“Really. Well you aren’t too good yourself.” I countered. He smiled softly.
“I’m not the one who spilled sauce on me.” he whispered.
“You mean you poured sauce on yourself and then to save yourself from embarrassment you blamed me?” I said. He grinned.
“Now, would I ever do anything like that?” I opened my mouth, “no don’t answer that. You’re probably right.” I smirked. He pulled me a little closer, I looked up at him.
“But how do you know I didn’t just blame it on you so we could have our little food fight?” he said so softly I could barely hear him. I blushed. He leaned towards me.
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