Your Reason To Be

Cally was just an average girl, or at least she tried to be. Its kind of hard to be normal when you're in another country, have very little contact with your family, and trying to complete college. Did i mention that she may or may not have be wanted by some powerful crazy people? It gets even harder when you befriend a member of one of the biggest boybands ever, and those boys have come so close to finding out your secret. What will she do when she goes home, with the boys, and they get even closer to discovering the truth about her, and she gets closer to one of them?


3. Dying Just To Know Your Name

Chapter 3

the stranger turned a second after I saw him. My heart jumped a bit as he smiled. He walked over towards me.
TAB “Hey, so you all ready to go? Not gonna be too cold?” he smiled. I think I blushed a bit.
TAB “Yea, I’m ready. And I’ll be fine. But will you be?” I asked as I looked at what he was wearing. He had on sweatpants like me, boots, a t-shirt, and a hoody. He just winked at me.
TAB “Don’t you go worrying about me Babe, I’ll be fine” I smiled a bit more. He turned and offered me his arm. I laughed a little and looped my am through his and out we went.

As we walked outside I blinked a bit as the sun reflected back at me. He started to lead me down the street.
“Well, there’s not a ton of sightseeing to do in Dublin but I can just show you around if you like.” I smiled.
“Yea, that would be awesome. I don’t really care what we do. I just want to do something.” I said. I knew that if I had any down time I would end up thinking about home. My companion nodded.
“Understood. My mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to keep you busy all day.” I laughed at his attempt to be silly. He looked a bit pleased when I looked at him. I didn’t say anything. We kept walking a bit, just enjoying the fresh air when he stopped short.
“Oh my God I am such an idiot,” I gave him a questioning look, “I totally forgot to introduce myself. I’m Niall.” I smiled. Finally a name to go with the face. I smiled a bit more.
“Niall huh, that’s a nice name.” I said. Niall, I knew the name I just couldn’t think of where I had heard it. He smiled at my compliment.
“So…… my name doesn’t remind you of anything or anyone?” he asked. I thought about it. His name did remind me of someone. I turned and looked at him. After a bit I heard him start to hum. I thought about it. He was humming one of my favorite songs, “One Thing” by One Direction. Suddenly it all clicked.
“You’re Niall Horan from One Direction aren’t you? How I did not realize that before I have no clue.” I said. He nodded confirming I was right. Wow I was a sad excuse for a Directioner. Couldn’t even recognize my favorite band member. I smiled.
“So, you’ve heard of me. That’s good.” he said somewhat hesitantly. I immediately had a feeling I knew why. I touched his arm softly, in a caring gesture.
“Look, you don’t have to worry. I may be a fan but I won’t freak out on you. I won’t treat you any differently if that’s what you’re worried about.” I said softly. He looked at me. I got nervous when he didn’t say anything at first but then his face broke out in a special smile. He looked at me and then reached forward and gave me the biggest Horan hug.
“Thank you. Thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to Me.” he whispered in my ear. I looked at him and just smiled. He looked at me again, still smiling.
“So, you mentioned you are a fan, did you not?” when I nodded he continued “so what is your favorite song then?” he asked. I looked at him.
“Well I don’t really know. I love them all but if I had to pick three I would say Moments, Same Mistakes, and One Thing. In no particular order. But there’s also Gotta Be You and What Makes You Beautiful.” I replied. He looked at me.
“Moments, that’s a good song.” he said. I looked at him as we continued to walk. Here I was talking with one of my favorite singers and I was a normal as possible. I giggled softly. Niall looked at me.
“What?” I just smiled at him. “Aw come on babe, please tell me?” I looked at him.
“Just laughing at how much my life has changed.” He just looked even more confused, I sighed, “Here I was thinking my life couldn’t get any better because I was in Ireland. But now it has gone and gotten better. I met someone I’ve wanted to meet for a while, I’m acting perfectly normal, and it’s like you’re just a normal person.” I said. He looked at me still a bit confused. I just shook my head “Never mind.” he just nodded.
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