Your Reason To Be

Cally was just an average girl, or at least she tried to be. Its kind of hard to be normal when you're in another country, have very little contact with your family, and trying to complete college. Did i mention that she may or may not have be wanted by some powerful crazy people? It gets even harder when you befriend a member of one of the biggest boybands ever, and those boys have come so close to finding out your secret. What will she do when she goes home, with the boys, and they get even closer to discovering the truth about her, and she gets closer to one of them?


8. Closer

Then the smoke alarm beeped. I turned.
​”The noodles.” I said. I quickly turned off the stove and started fanning the smoke. Niall opened the balcony door then came and helped. When the smoke had cleared I turned to him.
​ “Well I guess our dinner is ruined.” I said he smiled and wrapped his arms around me.
​ “That’s alright. We can just order room service.” he looked around, “At least we had fun while trying to make it.” I smiled and looked around. The room wasn’t super messy but there was flour on some of the walls and floor.
​”Yes we did. While you order room service I will start cleaning up in here.” I said. He nodded and got the menu. I told him what I wanted then started wiping up the flour.

I had just finished when I felt a hand around my waist.
​ “Food is on its way. And looks like you don’t need my help here.” I turned my head to look at Niall. He just smiled at me.
​ “Oh no. You aren’t getting out of it that easily. You can help. I’ve only done the walls so far. I still need to do the counters and the floor.” I handed him a rag. He just made a face and started cleaning. I turned and went back to scrubbing.

*Smack!* I felt something cold on my back. He didn’t. I turned around as Niall’s rag fell down. My back was soaking wet.
​ “Really!” I asked. Niall just nodded. I walked over to Niall, smiled and wrung my wet rag out on his head. He screamed a little and backed up. Then he grabbed the sink faucet and aimed it at me. The water hit me in the stomach. I ran forward. I tried to turn the faucet towards Niall. I finally succeeded and soaked his whole shirt. He gasped and turned the water off.
​”Okay, okay truce. For real this time” he said. I gave him a look. He just nodded.
​”Well now we are both soaking wet, covered in different ingredients and we have successfully destroyed the kitchen.” I said laughing. He just laughed with me.
​ “I have some clothes you can borrow for now so you don’t have stay in those clothes.” He said. I nodded.
​ “Really, thanks.” I said. He turned to go grab some clothes from his room. I finished picking up a bit in the kitten. Niall still wasn’t back yet. I went on my twitter. People were still asking who I was. I just smiled. Then I went to look at Niall’s page. He had apparently just posted something and the fans were going pretty crazy about it.
​ “tried making pasta for a friend. I ended up ​being wet and covered in food thanks to a food fight. ​At least I got them as good as they got me”
I laughed. A lot of people were asking who he got in the food fight with. I saw Niall come out of his room.
​”Oh did you see my tweet?” he asked. I nodded. “Have you seen some of the replies?” he asked. I shook my head, “A lot of them are asking for a picture of me and my friend after the food fight. Do you want to do a picture? If not I’ll just get one of me.” he said. I thought about it.
​ “Why not.” he smiled. And pulled me over. We set the laptop webcam up. Then we smiled as we took the picture. He went over and started to upload it. I heard a knock at the door and went to go answer it and get our food.

The guy with the food had just given me a weird look as I took the food from him. I went and put the food on the kitchen counter as Niall came out of his room in fresh clothes. He looked at me.
​ “I pulled some clothes out for you. There just on the bed if you want to go change. I’ll finish in here.” I nodded and went into his room. As I was changing I couldn’t help but smile at what he had pulled out for me. There was a soccer jersey and a pair of Jack Wills sweatpants. After I had changed I quickly rinsed my hair in the shower then put it in a bun. As I walked out of the room I couldn’t help but smile.

Niall had just sat down and looked up as I came in. I sat down and we started to eat. It was quiet for a while. Then Niall looked up at me.
​”So as soon as I posted the picture it got quiet a few replies.” I looked at him.
​ “People still asking who I am?” he nodded. I smiled. After we finished eating, we both ate quickly since we were hungry after our day and food fight; we put the dishes outside of the room.
​”Well, you can stay if you want. We can always just watch the telly.” Niall said. I looked at the time.
​ “I think I can stay for a bit longer if you want me to.” he nodded. We went and sat on the couch. He turned on the TV and switched it to some show I had never seen. Then he grabbed his laptop and sat back against the couch with his arm around me. He opened up twitter. The picture of us had quiet a few replies and Niall was getting a bunch of tweets asking about me. I smiled and pulled out my phone. I went, opened twitter and went to the picture of us. I quickly typed
​”I dunno Niall. I think your friend got you ​pretty good. I think she might have even beaten you.”
Niall saw what I was doing and went back to the photo and then typed his own response.
​ ​”No, the picture is deceiving. I totally beat ​her. She is just a sore loser ;)”
I saw his response and started laughing. He looked at me and smiled. I shook my head and started to reply. Before I could finish my message Niall took my phone from me.
​ “Hey! Niall give it back!” he shook his head and held my phone away from me.
​ “Not till you admit I won and that you are a sore loser.” I shook my head. “Then you don’t get your phone back.” he said. I pouted. Then I grabbed his laptop and ran into the bathroom. I shut and locked the door. I could hear Niall banging on the door. I giggled and typed a message.
​”I’m sorry, your right. She did beat me. I am ​clumsy and Irish and I can’t cook.”
I opened the door. Niall grabbed the laptop from me as soon as I hit send. He read what I had posted and just shook his head. He grabbed my hand.
​“Come on you crazy girl.” , and led me back to the couch. He put his laptop down then sat and pulled me down next to him. I giggled as I sat down next to him. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I settled in and leaned against him as we continued to watch the show.

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